Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Scenes from Tent "W"

I have so much to be thankful for in my life.  
One, I believe, is my appreciation for the simple things. 
If the truth be known, it is the things from the past that make me most happy.  
Such as the color of this set of enamelware funnels Agnes had on a table outside her tent.  They sat right across the court yard where I had an additional table set up to sell jewelry.
Yes, my very own space, and it was divine. 
Agnes gave me the best spot on the best side of Tent "W"
in my opinion. 
She pulled back one of the flaps, giving me a cubby inside, with the option to expand out into the shade covered courtyard, which I gladly took advantage of.  
Did I tell you how gloriously the weather cooperated?  It was cool and crisp each morning, so we never ever broke a sweat.
Do you remember where the festival is held?
Yes, in Texas....where it is miserably hot and humid most of the year.  
But, not this week.  Cool fronts came in lowering the humidity a smidgen, just enough to make us all jump up and down with joy!  It did get a little heated up at the end of the week, but I was long gone by then.  Pulling out on Thursday helped me miss the return of the dreaded heat on Friday.
But once home, Saturday again was beautiful.  
Low humidity~what a blessing!
Agnes, along with her sister Robin, and friend, Carla,
decorate Tent "W". 
It was beautiful, full of all the colors of fall.
Spicy fall fragrances poured through the tent and out the sides in such a way that lured customers thru the doors in one continuous stream both days I was there.  
I am sure it continued that way until the end of the show...it always does!
 I would love to share pieces of my little corner, but will do that just a little bit later.
Until then, you may want to visit my friend Charlene's blog.  
She has some sweet shots of my space there
Thank you Charlene....
"Crystal Princess Drops"
I had many for sale out in the court yard of Tent "W", where they could catch the rays of sunlight coming thru the live oak trees.
I do sell the tutorial here, but if you'd like one that came home with me, I will send it special to you, snugly wrapped and tucked inside one of my muslin bags for $42.
The Crystal Princess Drop is made with a beautiful vintage faceted chandelier crystal*, vintage rhinestone earring, base metal chain and one of my simple oxidized sterling silver hook and eye.
It can be worn by itself, or layered with other pieces of jewelry.
My sister loves hers, and wears it often, as do I.
Oh, yes, this also includes the shipping AND
the tutorial to make your very own Crystal Princess Drop for family and friends =)
The holidays are coming sooner than you realize!
*Please indicate if you'd like a small (1"x1-1/2") or large (1-1/2"x2") crystal.
You choose the size of the crystal, but please allow me to choose the one to send...you won't be disappointed as they are all beautiful.

(click to enlarge)


stregata said...

Great that you had a good time and I can't wait to see the photos of your goodies.

Cindy said...

Hello Diane
I've been thinking of you and hoping you were hanging in there with everything going on in your life.
Thank you for sharing pictures from Tent "W"...what a beautiful atmosphere. I'm happy to hear that the weather was bearable...I just know you had a fantastic time...wish I could have been there!!!

Daryl said...

What does one do with Sunflower heads?

I wear mine all the time .. love it, love you!

Chris said...

Loved the pictures on Charlene's blog! You look so glowing~~and your pieces are gorgeous!
I'm so glad your experience was so good. Bless you gal~~

VS said...

Yes Friend,
You really did have the premimum spot at Tent W...a place where the menfolk could hangout & stay cool & the shade from that big tree made me just want to sit under it's large limgs & lounge. Wouldn't a mint julip have been wonderful & refreshing.
Your photos look beautiful & Agnes was such a darlin to share her space with you & boy oh boy...did the ladies love her beautiful floral designs.

Hugs sweetie...Love ya,

Diana said...

Got to love those crystals...beautiful, Diane.

Anne Lorys said...

I saw your space on Charlene's blog, I so wish we had been able to be there for Marburger, too!

Sounds like you were a big hit, so I fully expect to see you back selling in the Spring. :-)


Riki Schumacher said...

Yeah Diane, congratulations on your having a booth at Marburger! Awesome job. What a great job, I saw Charlene's pics. You should feel very proud my friend. Sending lots of love your way, Riki

Charlene said...

Tent W ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun being there with you. HUGS!

Pretty Things said...

How absolutely gorgeous!!!

Lisa said...

Your RT photos are amazing! Those sunflower head are beautiful. I bought 2 from Sweet Pea linens. They were part of her display. wish I'd seen those, I would have bought every one. There is something so beautiful about flowers & nature that has done it's job & is now withered up & preserved. I guess that's why fall is my favorite time of year. Lisa

brandi said...

~this will be on my wish list to come...the crystal drops are what made my heart soar!! thank you for sharing and offering such a sweet piece to us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~