Tuesday, December 04, 2007

no man is a failure who has friends - george bailey*

Mel's 4th Birthday at Granny's House!

Melanie and friends from Jr. High, High School and College~and still today.

"I believe that friends are quiet angels who sit on our shoulders and lift our wings when we forget how to fly".

Today is my daughter, Melanie's birthday. It was 32 years ago that my life changed forever.
She is and always will be my best friend. I love you Mel!
Pictures above:
Top Left: Melanie and I in front of Central Park on our annual Mother's Day trip last May.
Top Right: Melanie and her friend Olivia at a Cheerleader Christmas Party.
Bottom Left: Melanie and her friend Laura on Lake Travis in Austin.
Bottom Right: Kirsty, Melanie and Justine at The New Ulm Art Festival last April.
* George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life!


Sandra Evertson said...

Cute Photos!
And Love the necklace below!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Mom! How do you do it??!
You absolutely nailed it!!!
I love it! That is the most thoughtful post ever!!!
Thank you.
My very best friends ... !
I love you all ... thank you all ... and applaud you all ... for puttin' up with me this long!!!
(hee hee!)

kansasrose said...

Happy Birthday to Melanie! What a precious post and the love you both share is sacred! Melanie is blessed to have you for a mother dear friend...She is so beautiful! ( like her sweet Mom, I love the pic of you both in Central park) Have a fun day! :)

Anita said...

Great photos - wonderful post... (My mom rarely even says "happy birthday" on my birthday... LOL) She's a very lucky lady... and it sounds like you are too!

dawn said...

ooh, i missed it!
melanie, happy birthday, chica...