Tuesday, December 11, 2007

all the colors of the season

I am not sure what hold Christmas has on me this year~but it is a bright & shiny one. Everything looks brighter and shinier than I can ever remember. Even today, as the weather in Houston is totally confused~kinda dreary and muggy, all I have to do is look at this newest Prairie Cuff I made last week, and I feel excited all over again.
Allen and I finished our Christmas cards last night, and he will drop them in the Katy post office mailbox today. I didn't just buy them and send them out (which I am not saying is not a good thing, as I have done it also). But this year I put a little more effort into putting them together, and I feel good. I will have a post later with details....just in case you are not on my mailing list.
Have a blessed day!


cobaltika said...

it's beautiful!!! do i even see a little pink in there??

Anita said...

How gorgeous... My grandmother had a set of beads from the 40s that were pearl-like in similar colors... I absolutely love the colors!

Diane said...

Thank you two for such sweet compliments~I really apppreciate them...=)

Unknown said...

Those are wonderful...
glad your holiday is going so well...
Stacie at Nomadic Creations

dawn said...

this is extraloverly.

jessielavon@yahoo.com said...

I put everyone's name in a hat and had on of my youn'ins draw names
Winner's are
original painting: Kansasrose!
Flassie's fil'a
The feathered nest
Kim @Midwest Musings
Diane@Rosa & Josie's
CJ@Sunshine & Shadows
Velvet Brick
See You There.
Y'all email me your addresses and have a great week-end