Wednesday, December 05, 2007

friends forever

Since all my daughter's friends are my friends too, I wanted to post their today pictures taken with Mel~because they both have become such beautiful ladies! I have known both of them for at least 18 years. These are two of Mel's oldest and dearest friends. They are as dear to me as they are to Melanie. The picture on bottom is of Melanie and Olivia, and the picture on the top is of Laura and Melanie. Both have new babies, and Laura has one more on the way.
Love you guys~
btw...these are two of the friends shown in the post below~

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Anonymous said...

Mom ... we need to talk. (LOL!)
New rule: I must give my blessing to the photos with me you post!
Rule #2: Laura must too!
(hee hee!)
We love you!