Sunday, December 16, 2007

love in san antonio

Last weekend I went to San Antonio to visit, shop and work~(note order of importance). Melanie and I had the best time celebrating her birthday (which was on the 4th~see previous post).Above pic is of Melanie wearing the knitted scarf she bought from dawn houser. We went by to visit dawn on Friday night, and had the best time drinking cappuccino and gabbing. I also bought a scarf, as you will see mine in the bottom photo.
She had several bins of her stamps, journals and etc. from stitch, so I picked out some stamps~can't wait to use them.
On Saturday, we started out by eating lunch at Flour Power Cafe, just around the corner from Melanie. Their food is so fresh and good. We divided the Mexican Egg Salad sandwich and each had a cup of their homemade soup of the day, this time it was Italian Vegetable. The bread is freshly baked there, and is some of the best I've eaten.
We decided this lucky bamboo would not be an indication of what the day would be like~and it held true. We Christmas shopped for several hours~before the work part started. I had to set up a jewelry display with extra baubles for the Mecca Christmas Party that night!On Sunday, we went to La Cantera. The day was a spectacular sunny & cold one. We had so many shops to visit, in a short period of time. We were able to make a few before Allen came to pick me up. I didn't want to go~but Christmas is in a week~I think I can make it.


dawn said...

you guys are so freaking adorable.

i am so glad that you had a blast in san antone. your visit got me over the hairpulling mood the pets had me in.

love you, girl!

Anita said...

How fun! And the scarves are great! :)

A bird in the hand said...

I wish I could have been with you. It must have been so much fun. But, alas, it's my sister who lives in Texas, not me.

kansasrose said...

Dang I gotta get my draggin' and cold Kansas b*** down south your way. Sounds like waaay too much fun you Texas gals have! The scarf is so cute!...( secretly coveting the orangey long and groovy 1970's scarf she has in her etsy shop ) I can live vicariously through you all? :) Love to you.

kansasrose said...

Oh the pic just loaded of you honey and Melanie! ChristmascutiesTexasscarfwearingbeautiies you both are! xo