Tuesday, November 20, 2007

if God would have wanted us to fly he would have given us tickets-Mel Brooks

That's the Bloomberg quote this morning ~ before Thanksgiving. Oh, Mr. Brooks, don't you know He did, thru Jesus? On my way into town, Ipod in my ears, listening to the Mercy Me song called Unaware. What a song to remind me~
"Unaware of everything
Knowing You're aware of me"
Last night, in my workspace-office, I thought of my friend, Jenny, who gave me an idea of what to name this easy to wear memory wire bracelet. She called it a cuff, so I just added Czech Prairie~coming to Czech Prairie Cuff. I do indeed live on the Katy Prairie. This bracelet is made up of 95% Czech fire polished crystals, a dash of yellow jade, and a sprinkle of Bali sterling silver. It is quite a versatile piece of jewelry. Plus, it's so easy to put on and off as you're running out the door-been there lately? Next week, it will be on sale at Klein Oaks High School. I will also add another one on my Etsy Shop tomorrow, as I will once again be on the Etsy Main Showcase on Saturday the 24th. Check out the new listings.
Have a blessed day and Thanksgiving~


Anita said...

It's beautiful... And I love MercyMe!
Have a SAFE and happy Thanksgiving!! :)

kansasrose said...

Aaaaaamen! And pass the ipod with them Sweet Jesus praise tunes on them! Ya know I am proudly wearing ( and showing off) my gorgeous czech prairie cuff to dinner at my sis's tomorrow and she is a bonified jewelry addict...as are my 20 somethin' nieces and daughter! We will most likely be loggin' on to your sites. :) you rock! Happy Thanksgiving my friend! God Bless YOU and yours always! xxxooo

dawn said...

happy thanksgiving, lovey!