Monday, November 26, 2007

It has been cold in Texas!

Upon rare occasions we get to use the fireplace. Yesterday when we got back into town, we found out we had a little heater problem. The heat never came on, so we fired up the fireplace~it was nice. But didn't really help the 61 degrees inside the house~unless you are in the room with it~all the time. So today the heater repairman came, but seems like we need a certain part~that he didn't have~so tonight, it is 64 degrees. A real heat wave~~~~~~
I am really loving our electric blanket right about now!
Most of the Thanksgiving weekend our new toy looked like this. But, we did enjoy Friday, as it was bright, sunny and COLD in South Texas.

But~most of us looked like this starting Friday night on into Sunday.
Did I tell you that I love cold weather and look forward to it with much anticipation? Yes, it was what I said, and yes, I still do. I think.


Anita said...

We keep the thermostat n 60 at all times, and it is SOOO hard to get used to! Thank goodness for lots of quilts! :)
Love your dog!

Anonymous said...

this is the time you wait for all summer in south Texas!! lovin' the cool temps and low humidy. Also lovin' the cute doggie.

kansasrose said...

Hey hon visit me in January or February during a good ole Alberta Clipper ( -50F windchills) and I be givin' ya some ccccccold! The older I get the less appealing really cold weather is...I would love to be further south now. really! Sweet little dog, is this yours? Have a good weekend my friend! xo

Diane said...

I know, I know, Jen, this is NOT cold; except for a southern girl like me! I love 40-60 degrees outside, but not in my house ~ unless I want to wear a snowsuit! Not complaining~really I'm not~as we wait all year for the little cold snaps we do have!
No, Kenna is my sister-in-law's daughter's dog! She is spoiled rotten~

A bird in the hand said...

I'll tell you what I tell my sister when she tells me it's cold in Texas (McKinney) at those temperatures: Hahahahahaha (with affection, of course).
We would call that temperature mildly warm. It's 21 F here. Now that's cold.

I loved your etsy comment about the bird laying an egg on the way to you :))))