Saturday, November 10, 2007

Barista Bear Goes Metallic

Everywhere I look I see Christmas, and it is showing up way before Thanksgiving. No surprise. Yes, last Wednesday I stepped into Starbuck's and, there it was....Christmas!! I was as excited as if it were "my" time to open Christmas presents. It's all here~the annual Starbuck's Christmas Blend coffee, red sweater clad Barista Bears, and door wreaths made out of red card stock with shiny round mirrors dotting the middle looking strangely like cranberries. They were beautiful~!!!
Christmas jewelry is on it's way to Mecca Hair Studio in San Antonio, DaVinci Artist's Gallery in Tomball; AND I am still preparing for the St.Anne's Society Fall Shopping Fair. Metallic is in BABY and I am there. The czech fire-polished crystals I bought at the gem & jewelry show turned out to be the Christmas punch I was looking for. My confirmation arrived thru the U.S. Postal Service & the Chico's catalogue. What did I the jackets, in the blouses, and in the jewelry.
I love it! Metallic sparkles, it glistens, and has a certain sheen about it.
It is beautiful, and it is a huge part of this year's Christmas for me......and perhaps a certain Barista Bear I know.


dawn said...

you know, as much as i hate seeing xmas crap the day after halloween, i love seeing the holidaymood at starbucks. it makes me so happy.

kansasrose said...

What a great way to enjoy coffee. I have never been to a Starbucks. what can I say? I live in Kansas, the mettalic too!

kansasrose said...

What does Barista mean?

Anita said...

I haven't ever been to Starbucks either, although I drove past one in Wichita

Sounds lovely... :)

Anonymous said...

you have just the best beads. I love that jasper type pendant.