Sunday, November 04, 2007

scenes from the lease

A new (1971) jeep was my favorite toy this weekend. Actually it is His new toy.Getting Allen to pose for an addition to my Christmas card collage wasn't easy, but as always, he pacified me.
Below is a picture of my new camo crocks, bought at the Bass Pro Shop, located at The Rim, in San Antonio. You have got to go to this BPS, as the decor far outweighs the one we have in Katy. BTW...the crocs are so cool and comfortable to wear (in camp).

Saturday evening, as I sat in the High Stand, I felt an overwhelming thankfulness for the the beautiful Texas sky. I tried (again) to breath in the glory of the setting sun. I can't tell you how many times I have taken this same picture, out this same window. I keep trying. I keep coming back ~ because I love it here. It is so peaceful, so quiet, and so Texas.


kansasrose said...

Oh I love these pics! First the new "old"'s the bomb! You both look adorable and your Dh has that look of a little boy with a shiny new toy! (((what a great pic of him in his 'alls too!))) love that! My Dh has some alls and I love them. Can't wait to see that Christmas card collage!

Then...those camo crocs are to die for hon! Oh my goodness you and I were seperated at birth I swear. I love the BASS PRO SHOP too! And Cabellas! There is a huge Cabellas in KC. Crocs are like walking on a cloud. So comfy! I must look for some of those! I wore out my purple crocs and got some cheapies knock offs at wal*mart but not the same as the real crocs.

Last...that pic of your Texas sky. Yeppper..I sooo know this feeling of your heart in your throat looking at that sky. Gots me one of those up here in Kansas too that swallows ya up. It's like you feel that vast beauty and the colors and the air in your chest it's so beautiful and it almost hurts you want to cry. We are kindred. Loveya, Jen

Anonymous said...

I love the Bass Pro Shop...

Anonymous said...

Now that is a bass pro shop to beat all. I was amazed at all the aminmals. But then there is also the Michaels and then catching a movie right next door which is my new favorite theater in SA.

dawn said...

okay, so when i first saw the top photo, i knew that caption had to be "i put my quarter in. why isn't it going, mom?"

those crocks rock.

Anita said...

Love the pics!! The jeep is so cool!
I am crazy about anything camo... And those crocs are great!!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

I Found your back door. Had to dig back to see where the lease is. Well I didn't find out but love those crocs.
All I can say is we are just so Texas.