Monday, October 15, 2007


The St. John Vianney Bazaar was a great success. This show my sister Debbie came to help (thanks Deb!). She was such a great help, & we had alot of fun laughing and talking! She gave me a great new sales pointer~hand out my cards as people walk by my booth. Perhaps they would come back, which I know some did! We saw at least 500-600 people come thru the doors that day! ....and there were alot of jewelry booths.
During the afternoon rush, some familiar faces came by. The two sisters (center and right) had visited my booth last year. And, once again this year! I remembered them, because they were so pretty, and so happy. The sister on the right bought the Czech Crystal Prairie Swings (far right pic above), as they matched the turquoise in her hat. She put them on to wear right away, so I had to take my camera out and snap a shot. The middle sister bought the Garnet Stained Glass Pendant Necklace with matching Garnet Prairie Swings. Melanie had picked the pendant up from Bead It! while in Minneapolis, at Mall of Americas, earlier in the year. I thought it was a really classy piece. And when she tried it on~it was just beautiful on her. But, how could it not be, as she was the prettiest were all three of them!
p.s. that's her husband peeking thru~


kansasrose said...

Very pretty ladies! Who's the guy peeking behind them? LOL Yopur praire swings earrings look wonderful and perfect on her! Love her hat too! Glad you enjoyed the show! :)

Anita said...

Aren't they gorgeous... Wonderful smiles... Your jewelry just looks made for them...