Wednesday, October 31, 2007

dreaming with my eyes wide open

My newest ah~ha moment...looking at the oh so talented and loving soul's blog of judy wise. You must visit so you can feel the love with me this beautiful halloween morning in is still crisp and cool and so unlike the weather we experience in Houston. If every morning would be like this, i would think that i had died and gone to heaven~peace to you today.
Quote on Bloomberg this morning:
"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom"~
Bertrand Russell (philosopher)


Anita said...

AH! Just the quote I needed today... I was contemplating the fear I have of showing up at the GreenTown
Great link, too, what a beautiful place she has, and her artwork is stunning!

kansasrose said...

Enjoy this beautiful last day of October my friend! Going to check Judy's blog now...sounds lovely! ( couldn't stay away from blogging a little)

Anonymous said...

Judy is so incredibly talented, I love her look.

I sure wish I had made Warrenton but I have the calendar marked for the next one.