Saturday, October 13, 2007

Panache and Gilda

pa·nache (p-nsh, -näsh)
n. distinctive and stylish elegance
~my constant goal~
And ~
"I base my fashion taste on what doesn't itch".
Gilda Radner
I miss her~


Anonymous said...

Love it! The post is CLASSIC ... and the jewels are gorgeous! Love the chandeliers!!!

A bird in the hand said...

Your jewelry certainly has panache (a good French word)!

I think we all miss Gilda.

dawn said...

my heart has always ached for gene. can you imagine the hole in his heart?

your new stuff is so funkyfabuluz, baby.

Diane said...

No, Dawn I can't imagine how big of a hole Gilda has left in Gene's heart.
And, like he, we all do miss her.
Thank you dear friends for such encouraging words about my jewelry. I love hearing from all of you~
xoxoxo diane