Friday, October 19, 2007

Harvest Red

Bought these Tribal Bone Mala Beads inlaid with Glass Chips or Textured Metal from Susanclare back in January. I loved their rustic antiqued waxy colors. Very unusual beads. Just what I like! They sat waiting for the perfect necklace. The very last piece I made before the SJV sale, was this Harvest Necklace~made with the tribal bone beads, red & salmon coral, czech crystals and adorned with a large black onyx cross. I was thrilled when it sold (bought as a Christmas gift!) ~ so I will make another similiar one this weekend. But, I have one more design in mind~keep watch~I will post it soon!


kansasrose said...

Wow! These are so beautiful!

Diane said...

Received this message from susan at susanclare~
Diane, it really warms my heart to see my beads in your beautiful work.
I learned later that the beads are made of yak bone! Here are my
latest ventures...thanks again, Susan

kansasrose said...

That is so cool she wrote you about her beads used by you in your designs. Yak bone? I have never seen beads like this. So gorgeous! The combintation of the beads and the onyx cross is beautiful too! I LOVE your designs Diane! Hope you are on the mend dear...that back/neck ache sounds painful. Take care. Love, Jen xxxooo

A bird in the hand said...

they are just gorgeous and very exotic!