Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice Matters Awards

I am about to leave tomorrow for our Annual Concan/Birthday Trip, but before I go, I want to send a little blogging love to a true inspiration to me~dawn houser~one of the neatest blogmates I have! You deserve a little luv' today~because you know Dawn, you are the best bloggin' friend to me~
I know you sent it to me first, and you already have one, but kansasrose, you are my kindred sister blogger, and I love blogging with you way up in Kansas! I am praying for your computer tonight sister!
one more to boot~Deb Trotter~you are the coolest, Cowboy's Sweetheart. I want to be just like you when I grow up! You are a boot scootin' boogie good blog friend as well! Thanks for your help with my ~slideshow~.
God bless you girls~may the "Circle Be Unbroken"!


kansasrose said...

Thanks so much dear Diane...I feel the same way about you sistah! I'm on DH's computer in his office cause I had to check up on my bloggin buddies! BTW,,,your new jewelry pieces are so elegant! Those earrings make me want to pierce my ears...( I am one of a handful that has unpierced ears.) LOVE those cranberry red crystals! Have fun on your vacation! Blessings to you! xxxooo

dawn said...

diane, you have rocked my day sumthin big!
i will attach it to my blog with pride, sweetheart.

have fun in concan. please take photos of your honey cooking again. it could make a girl cry. :)