Friday, August 03, 2007

Bleeding Heart

My aunt, Anna Mae, has many wonderful flowers~living in Tampa~she is able to grow so many different types of tropical plants than we are in Texas. This particular cutting came to me by way of my mother, who brought it home with her, from her last visit or two ago. My aunt "loads up" my mother with so many cuttings, that when my mom returns home she is in a state of panic~putting as many in the ground or in pots, as possible. Many come back specifically tagged for me, as my aunt knows I love flowers as much as she.

This Bleeding Heart Vine ~made the cut~ as; this past Monday, we had our flower beds CLEANED out by some very able-bodied fellows. I was amazed at what I had actually forgotten about! So you realize, that means there was way too many things(?) growing in my flower beds. I love to garden as much as my two grandmothers, many aunts & uncles, my mother, both my sisters and my brother~but jewelry, and an aching back (see post regarding movement below) had taken the place of the time I would have been in the flower beds.

I am actually EXCITED with the new possabilities ~but times are changing~ and low maintenance (annuals) will now be my preference. Maybe tomorrow I will change my mind. But today....i indeed have a ~bleeding heart~ as my flower beds are CLEAN.

~Quote on Bloomberg today~
"Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid of standing still."

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