Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Frio River Adventures 2007

How can I begin any better than that?
The Frio River is ~
1) Crystal clear,
2) Crisp & cold,
3) Emerald Green & Sunflower Blue & everything in~between,
4) Swift & calm,
5) Not overcrowed & yet to be truly discovered,
5) The BEST river in this great state of Texas!
6) And, It's where the girls are.....(wish I had that sign)!

We had the best time in Concan. Yes, I said Concan~not Cancun. I know it is confusing, but truly this little town just this side of Leakey is called Concan. Actually, Garner State Park is located here. We always have stayed in the RV park on the opposite side of Garner. It is quite, clean, shady and really GREAT! We love it, and never leave without booking for the next year!

I have many more pictures, and will post them in several posts~so will have to add more tomorrow. I am worn out from 2 full days of kayaking....and you will see why when I post the next group of pictures!

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kansasrose said...

I dig that sign! Looks gorgeous! My kind of vacation...RVing to a cool place like this! Can't wait to see more pics and read about your adventures. :)