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Thursday, August 19, 2010


When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
 Time has a way of passing by so fast, 
sometimes I have to look back to see where I've been.
I know because I have been there this year.  
Each month of 2010 seems to melt away faster than I imagined, 
yet slower than I want it to.
I (continue) to count the days, hoping with all hope, 
that I can indeed retire at the end of this year.
I have been at my full time job for 21+ years.  
Not a long time to some, but long to many.   
Just this last weekend I sent off five more class proposals, and do hope they are accepted, as the additional income will be so appreciated.  The fact that amazes me the most is that I BELIEVE I will finally have the opportunity to make art full time,
(teaching included)
which is really what I have wanted to do all my life.
Just this last weekend, I attended a class in Austin with the talented Stephanie Rubiano.  My friend, Agnes and I drove up on Saturday to take Steph's class,
which she will be teaching at 
"House of Cards".
It was one of the most fun classes I have taken.  
Partly because of just being in Stephanie's home (presence)
where not only her art resides, but art of fellow artisans, 
in great abundance.  I respect her for that.
And, you have no idea what you just might see in 
Studio Rubiano!  Pure magic =)
It turned out to be a full day, 
in which I didn't completely finish my project (I was close), 
until Tuesday night.
I always tell myself to relax, have fun...visit more...take more pictures, 
but remember the time word?  
There it was again, 
staring at me with that beady "i"!  
I knew I wanted to finish (in class), because once home, I have jewelry to concentrate on....Marburger is on the horizon!
Oh well, it worked out in the end, and here it is, my
"House of Cards" 
The fun part of this little piece (extra trim from the roof) which I added, is that it actually had the word "time" one it, 
and I didn't look for it until I had already attached it!  
Oh, I love it when that happens!
I went into class that morning not really knowing what I wanted the theme of my piece to be.  But, once I started looking into my bag of goodies, I found some vintage watch faces and parts I had brought along, and then it just took off from there.
Each side has either a watch face, and/or clock hands.  
The words I used also have something to do with time, which btw, I took way too much time (in class) trying to find the words I wanted to use from an old book I had stuffed into my bag the night before.  
But, I have this thing about using original vintage text...there is nothing like it!
I had just gotten some beautiful, odd shaped mother of pearl oyster shell buttons from an Etsy dealer, MyraMelinda,  so I used them here, and then as a border trim here.
 And here.
See the aluminum initials?  
It is a D and a C which Stephanie gave me in class.
Letters that are actually used on telephone poles!
I signed my piece by the initials....
(don't forget to always leave your mark =)

 We, of course, had to make and add one of Stephanie's signature crowns somewhere!  
Mine landed atop this little girl's head, which I adorned with cute little star brads.
Did you see some of the other stars I used?  
You can find them on three of my pictures above.
(If you can find them, let me know *wink*)
Here is the finished piece.
(Click on pics to see the bigger picture =)
~ Side One ~
~ Side Two ~


steufel said...

What a cute piece. And good luck with all your plans!

Gail said...

That is just phenomenal! What a gorgeous piece of artwork you've created.....(I know what you mean about time).

Diana said...

Your house is the CUTEST ever, Diane! I can see the amount of "time" it took to create and your loving detail everywhere my eye wonders. I have my fingers (and toes) crossed for you that you will be able to retire at the end of this year as you dream.

Debby - Romancing the Bling said...

Hi Diane...your art work is adorable! Thank you for sharing your story. I really hope you are able to fullfill (sp?) your dream! I'm 52 years old, and after working since I was 17 years old and creating when time premitted, I took the plunge in March of this year! I design my jewelry full time now. I can not believe how much more my creativity has blossomed! I am so enjoying myself and I hope it continues to work for me. I just wanted to share with you that it is doable!

Come by and say hello.


Kateyed said...

Just an incredible piece, Diane. It really surprised me at the end...I had no idea it was a house!

I hope you will be able to do art full time. It sounds like you are so ready and you have so much to offer others!
Someday I hope I can take one of your classes!

mairedodd said...

here's hoping that you can retire and teach art full time... it is great to have goals, but better that you are working towards them being a reality... so glad you had fun at your class!

VS said...

All I know friend is thank goodness you had 'TIME' to make this piece because it's absolutely fabulous!!!! How charming..
And I know I surely hope 'TIME FLY'S' as I can't wait to get to TEXAS & to be able to see you!!

Riki Schumacher said...

Wonderful Diane! I love it, you did a great job. I would have loved being in that class, we would have had soooo much fun! Hugs, Riki

The Joy of Nesting said...

Lady DY,

Your House of Cards is a great description of this year of waiting. Oh I remember how the days either creep by in slooooow motion or then again they were whizzing by so fast they became a blur. But do not fear lit'l sis that day will arrive. And then you to can live your life dream to make art everyday. When the biggest decision you have with your morning coffee is what you should make today!?

Take a deep breath know that the day will get here and just think you are already one day closer then you were at bedtime last night! :)

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Cindy said...

Diane, I can easily see why time has been flying by for you...you've been incredibly busy. I'm crossing my fingers for you with your new proposals out, and retirement on the horizon. I do hope you can fulfill your dream and make art and teach! :-) And maybe you'll come out East....
Stephanie's class sounds like it was just wonderful!!! And your house turned out so beautifully...what a treasure.

Esther said...

woooooooooow!! Diane!! this little house is stunning!! lot of ldetails!! love little buttons.. and old clocks!! BEAUTIFUL

Lisa said...

I LOVE the 'time' piece. Get it 'time piece' LOL Okay, it's early here. Oh Diane I hope your dream comes true soon. I would have thought you were already teaching full time. Your such a big talent. I would love to take a class from you sometime. 3 kids & crazy life prevent me from wandering far. I taught my 2nd class last night. I love it too, but I get very stressed. I have a lot to learn, but I think they enjoyed it. I hope to see you at Marburger. Lisa

Chris said...

beautiful! How much fun you had! And I'm so happy that you will be retiring in the future to live your creative dream~

MyraMelinda said...

those buttons are beautiful...but your work gives them so much more beauty....I absolutely love what you've done with them...you are very, very talented!!!

MyraMelinda said...

those buttons are absolutely stunning with your creation!!!

Laura said...

I hope all of your dreams about retirement come true.
Your art is amazing.

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Andrea said...

This is just wonderful!!

Sanja said...

Fabulos little house. Love it!

Daryl said...

You are one of the most creative people I know .. I hope you can retire from the 'real job' and make art you life job

Stephani Gorman said...

Sooo Adorable!!!

paperbird said...

So wonderful- I love what you have created. I have been looking at Stephanie's classes- they look like they would be so fun! Great work!

Barbara Lewis said...

I love this! I can always count on your blog to be filled with gorgeous photographs. But I've been meaning to talk to you about this, have you been stealing letters from the phone poles again?!

Journal Swag said...

I love it! Good for you!


Journal Swag said...

I love it!