Friday, August 06, 2010

among us

  I know I have been quiet here of late.  
It is was not intentional.
Not one bit.
I do believe that inspiration sometimes can be like the ocean's tide.  
It is either in.
It is out.
Echo {Week 19} - Blur
(Please go here to see Chrysti's post and here to go see Susan's.)
Mine has been in.
Which by the way, can does travel faster than a speeding train.
I have been working on a couple of class proposals 
for 2011.
It pushes me 
beyond myself.
It is can be both addicting 
To see trust what lies just beyond what I see know,
and then to go with it.
At the same time, 
I have been am designing and preparing to sell my jewelry 
at Marburger Farm, with one of my friends,
Agnes Strauss
Wilde Weedz.
 (Moo card designed by Diane Cook)
Agnes & her friend Carla, have their very own tent, 
"Tent W"
Agnes designs the most gorgeous dried arrangements and wreaths.  
She sells flowers, real bird, duck & emu eggs, peacock feathers, and so, so much more.  
Plus, her tent will be filled with beautiful antiques.
Marburger will be open September 28th ~ October 2nd.
It is one of the best shows during antique week.
This is such a wonderful opportunity, which I have known about for some time, 
but thought about not shared.
Do you remember the fast moving train I told you about earlier?
One more wonderful thing happened just this last Wednesday,
as four of us met to make art, for the very first time.  
We had a real organized make art day!
 Yes, we finally did it, after talking about it for(ever).
I am determined to continue meeting with this group of ladies each month, 
who have art on their minds as much as I do!
Our group consisted of:
Nancy Lawrence, of Nothing Ordinary Antiques & Oddities, Agnes, Carla, and I.  
We met at Agnes' house, and had the best time!  
Our logo picture (above) is one I took of Agnes' cat, Rowdy, who truly does live up to his name.
He was so much fun to watch,
as he tried to climb up a table right outside Agnes' back door.

Oh, yes...we had a great day!

(Moo Card Designed by Diane Cook)
All the Wilde Weedz photos were taken in Agnes' gardens.  
I can't tell you how much fun I had designing these moo cards for her.
Just because....


steufel said...

The glimpses of your pieces look amazing - I'd love to see the whole piece.

mairedodd said...

wonderful - excited to hear about those class proposals! so happy to hear that you got together to make art with friends...

sharon said...

It sounds to me like you are spending your time very wisely, and remember that I believe as artists our souls direct us. It always shows in your work Diane. I adore the child pendants...and the glimpses of the unknown are beautiful!
Thanks for your lovely comment!

JoAnn said...

Well seems like my tide has been out, but it's coming back in :)

Love the mascot (Rowdy), too cute. I have two of my own. They can very entertaining.

Thank you for your lovely comment Diane! Your work is amazing, not to mention your photography :)

beautifullybrokenme said...

It's so nice to hear your voice - I've missed hearing it!

:-) Molly

stregata said...

So much eye candy. Always so lovely to see what you have been up to!

Unknown said...

Hi Diane,

I just love your work. The pendants are beautiful. And Agnes the cat is adorable. So happy you are doing well. Just had to come by and say hello. I am so enjoying the giveaway you sent me. ;-)
Janet Bernasconi
Janet's Creative Pillows

Daryl said...

I missed you .. glad you are back and love what you've been up to!

Diana said...

You continue to be one busy, creative lady! Congrats on your art group. I know very well how nurturing that gal pal time can be. Wish I lived closer so that I could join you all.

Cindy said...

Oooh, Diane...thank you for the sneak peek in to your class ideas. I can imagine how much work (and love) go into creating these proposals.
Your art group is SUCH a wonderful idea...and just look at the logo image you created! Rowdy Art Sisters is a great name! Are we going to see you step into digital design soon? You could do it! :-)

Kateyed said...

You are doing beautiful things and you still are me with your photography. I have been checking in regularly and I am so glad you are back!

VS said...

Wonderful fun & inspiration you have been having friend & I LOVE your Moo Card!!! They are so much fun to make!!!& your is fabulous!!!
Cn't wait to see all you've been up to in person...

starseasons said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog awhile back. I just saw your comment on my echo photo. So I came by to say hi. I really like your moo cards designs. And you Rowdy Art group sounds fun.

kayellen said...

Great post!
love connecting with fellow artists to make treausres:)
I need some moo cards! I keep forgetting about them as a resource..thanks for the reminder:)

Have a blessed rest of your week,

Kay Ellen

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love the moo cards you've done. You really do great work. Looking forward to seeing you at Marburger. Do you know if Agnes will have bittersweet? See you soon, T