Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Gift

"Brave Heart"
Neglect not the gift that is in thee....
I Timothy 4:14
I have been thinking about gifts lately.
No, not because I just crossed over another birthday threshold at the end of August, which is why I have been visibly gone from blog land for awhile.
Not because I don't love gifts, and in fact if you knew me really well,
you'd know that I celebrate my birthday for the entire month of August! 
And, certainly not because I spent precious time with my husband, and my daughter and my granddog in the wide open spaces atop a bluff in an oak filled RV Park near Leakey, Texas; where we sat each morning drinking our french roast and watching the birds fly to and fro, and the squirrels jump from tree to tree chasing after each other,
only coming close enough to see if we had food to share.

No, not because we spent one very full and wonderful week in the gorgeous hill country of Texas, where each day we sat in the clean, clear flowing water of the Frio River; and ate till I almost couldn't (because the guys did all the cooking).
And not because we had one great day of golf in Utopia~yes, Utopia!
And, ate that afternoon at the historic Lost Maples Cafe.
No, not because we paddled up stream in our kayaks one day, only to find ourselves all alone with no other person in sight...sitting in the Frio's beautiful crystal clear cool water, watching a nearby gushing waterfall.
And, not because the next day we floated down stream, and found another place once again ALL to ourselves, where we stacked rocks in the river
which then diverted the flowing water in a totally different direction;
 then sat quietly watching thirsty dragonflies sit on rocks nearby hoping they could catch just one gentle spray of water!
And certainly not because each night we could sit outside to hear the crickets call;
and smile as we looked at our party lights shining brightly under the RV canopy.
I dare say it.
I have received so many gifts (in my life). 
Why would I ever want anything money could buy,
when there is all this and so much more in this world to enjoy?
Did I mention I like to celebrate my birthday the entire month of August?
I better get past that if I am going to retire at the end of the year!
Oh, yes, back to..... "Brave Heart".
 I would like to share more of what I've been working on before our vacation, and now once again since returning home.
But can't....not just yet =) 
It will be revealed in time.
I have to tell you that I came to realize, in between class proposals, designing new jewelry, and magazine submissions, what a gift I have been given. 
The gift is to realize I have a gift.  
A gift to love what I see.  Love what I do.
And, to love all that I am. 
How profound is that? 
To accept a gift, even of the smallest proportion, with humility, grace and gratitude, using it wisely and then giving it back ten fold.  
That is what makes a gift worth way more than anything this world has to offer.
So, now my fellow Brave Heart, here I am
reminding you to not forget....
that you can find me at the Marburger Farm Antique Show in just a little over two weeks,
September 28th to be exact, in Tent W.
It is there I will have "Brave Heart", and more of what I have been doing.
I will be there Opening Day (Sept.28) and for sure closing day (Oct.2).
However, in between, I don't have a clue.
I will be wandering the fields, looking for treasurers as much as I can.....I'm sure!


Tami said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! What a wonderful celebration you had! I'm glad that you share your gift with us.

stregata said...

Wishing you all wonderful things! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!!!

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday and many, many more to celebrate, and to receive gifts! Your pictures have swept me away to your vacation land and I had a great trip--thanks for sharing!

Barbara Lewis said...

You've got me beat ... I only celebrate for the week! I'm going to up the ante! I have many great memories of camping with a pop-up camper with the family. Time slows down, everything takes longer to do ... like cooking ... which becomes an event to be enjoyed. Glad you came back refreshed so you could enjoy and tackle your other side ... the maker of beautiful things!

Daryl said...

Belated, it is September after all, wishes filled with love for your birthday month!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Happy Belated Birthday. It looks like your celebration was wonderful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing.

Riki Schumacher said...

Awww, and I didn't know it was your birthday! HAPPYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY belated! I celebrated all month too. You are a gift in my life Diane. Loved reading your post, so beautiful. Can't wait to have you retire and come visit. Look forward to seeing your new creations. Hugs, Riki

Suz said...

Happy Birthday month, Diane. I am an all-month birthday celebrator, as well!

The best thing is the wisdom that evolved in you. I celebrate and honor the gift that you are, too.

I am anxious to see what you have created I know you will show us in time.


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents. You seem to truly live by the old saying; it is better to give than recieve.
And I am all for a month long birthday celebration. I claimed the full month of July and loved every minute of it. Hope your month was full of birthday wishes come true.

aka: brown eyed girl

Charlene said...

OK, you are sooooooooo holding out on me!!!!!!! DID I KNOW IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?????? I don't think you & I have ever asked that question of each other. HOW TERRIBLE a friend & seceret sister am I if I don't even know your BDAY! OK you have to send me an email & tell me the REAL day. But, I love the idea of celebrating all month! I just got off the phone with Susie. We were plotting. :) I'm hoping your sweety has a partner in crime. YOU know what I mean. I'll try to call one night soon so we can catch up. So glad you had so much fun. LOVED the photos. HUGS! Charlene

Stacie said...

Happy Birthday! I have a friend turning 50 this month and she celebrates all month long too! Looks like you had a wonderful month...but you were missed!!

VS said...

You are my GIFT friend!!! & getting to see you in TEXAS is 1 of my most exciting aspects of this adventure!!! Can't wait for the reveal & of course Round Top!!

The Joy of Nesting said...

Happy Milestone Lady Dy!

Oh but don't even think you have to stop celebrating your birthday for a month when you retire. Why that is what retirement from the career world is about. Having the time to live each day as if it's the most special day of the year.

This moment this hour this day is the most precious of gifts we are given. It deserves to be lived and relished as if it is the only moment,hour,day that we have.

I am soooo excited for you and all the amazing things that will become your life!!
Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

Diana said...

Oh what a lovely post Diane. So glad you are having such a wonderful birthday celebration. You are definitely a gift to all who know you.

Sanja said...

Happy Belated Birthday.:-) Fabulos gift..Thanks for sharing.

Gypsy Fish said...

just found your blog...and I'm hooked, it's beautiful....this jersey girl will be heading to TX in a few weeks and I've just put you on my "must see list".....see you in a few weeks

Diane said...

Belated but lingering birthday greetings Diane! Oh how you have your priorities so right: yes, money can't buy the most meaningful gifts in life.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Hey Diane! Happy Late Birthday!
I haven't been blogging but I needed to tell you that I think your email account has been hijacked. Twice I've gotten strange emails about a Japanese friend of yours? I know 2 other people that this has happened to lately. Just wanted to let you know.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday dear Leo!
Your trip looked truly awesome, you do have a rich life. Love the new piece, & can't wait to see more. Might see you in RT. Lisa

beautifullybrokenme said...

And you, my friend, are such a gift to us! What a beautiful post. I am so glad you enjoyed your time away with your family.

I can't wait to see your finished project - it looks so beautiful in the small glimpses you've given us here!

:-) Molly

Cindy said...

Absolutely beautiful, and well said, Diane!! I certainly enjoyed catching up on your blog today and I agree: we are all blessed with so many gifts, none that money can buy! Your pictures are just gorgeous as always!