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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

a summer soiree

What kind of visions does a summer soiree conjure up in your mind?
The word soiree starts my mind to wander.
Dancing thru the hot days of summer.
 It is a word that brings to mind something
soft and as faint as a whisper.
Perhaps a beautiful soft gauzy cotton summer dress.
A pair of simple open toe sandals.  
Full picnic baskets.  A chilled summer wine.  
A time worn quilt thin from years of fun and frolic.
My newest summer jewelry line
Summer Soiree.
Dangles made from hand wrapped 1920s vintage Japanese pearls 
or simple cut crystal drops.  
Etched and layered brass filigree and vintage cut glass button encrusted cuffs.
A simple vintage rhinestone focal, dripping with a single 1920s vintage Japanese pearl and baby rhinestone dangle.
A sterling silver rosary with a layered brass focal held by a vintage rhinestone chain, glass rosary beads and various sizes of vintage chain.
Any of these can be worn with softly textured flax or linen...or maybe a cool crisp cotton sun dress.

Just last week I found out that Linda and Ludmil Marcov 
will have a Summer Soiree on July 10th, at their beautiful
Willow Nest Farm in Burton. 
I can't wait to see what fanciful things they will have for sale,
along with three other favorite antique dealers.
Maybe I will see you there.  
At the summer soiree. 


stregata said...

Sounds and looks absolutely summer lovely!!! Great work, Diane!

Charlene said...

Your pieces are marvelous OF COURSE! Love the colors & your wording of this post was so magical. Good job! HUGS to you & Daddy Bear!

VS said...

Oh, how I wish I could go to the summer soiree event!!! I just went to Old Navy today & bought a gauzey black top with white embroidery on it.{it matches my new purse} I'll wear it in Sept when we go to the festival.
I love your jewelry design friend...so sweetly vintage. I wish for you great success with your new line...it's absolutely fabulous!
Smiles & Hugs,

sharon said...

Your jewelry does evoke summery , loungy images Diane....pure summmer bliss. Just gorgeous!

Cindy said...

What a great name for your new line...it's perfect. Your pieces and the vintage-style/romantic photography is just excellent!

Riki Schumacher said...

Yummy! Right now summer is conjuring up thoughts of lots of pine trees and some deer for me! We're headed to the island this week, finally! Congrats on your latest publication Diane, beautiful piece. Big hug, Riki

steufel said...

Oh, Diane, your new line is just breathtaking. Gorgeous pieces - flirty and romantic as a summer should be. regards Stefanie

Andrea said...

Beautiful jewelry!!

Daryl said...

Love the new pieces ... xo

Stacie said...

I love white and linen and all things summery...but right now in Bellingham it is still about sweatshirts...I am so cold! Looking forward to getting back the south just so I can wear pretties again...beautiful line!!!

Anne Lorys said...

Such gorgeous pieces, Diane!

Kateyed said...


Your new line looks just beautiful! Will we get to see it all? I am so impressed with your ability to pull together a "line." My ADD/Craft mind seems to fly all over the place!

I am working with Susie and am so excited! She is a dear. I knew that anyway.

Do you etch your cuffs? I have been longing to learn how to do that and hope to take a riviting class this summer. I am just following in your footsteps...in my own goofy way, of course.

I figured out the computer, have been taking some pictures, crisis averted!

Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous pieces. Once again, another great job Diane. May you continue to inspire us with your creativity.
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Diana said...

Beautifulness my friend. A "summer soiree" certainly conjures up a vision of romance and your jewelry reflects just that. You are going to town girl! Congrats to you on everything. So wish I could join you going to Linda's soiree. So glad the two of you have connected. Linda is such a talented soul. Have fun!