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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just bee-cause

 I have been busy filling an order from the Fayetteville Art Walk
and having way too much fun seeing what I can fill inside these little watch casings.
I begin with some of my down-sized pictures,
which could possibly be of my logo, 
 or perhaps a shot I took at Warrenton 
(there are so many to choose from)
of the antique doll that I Love!  
 There is also a picture I use of a true Texas longhorn taken during the same festival trip,
on a back road outside of nearby Burton, Texas.
And, I always have to include a vintage bird nest in the mix.  
You know, nesting just comes natural for me, like most women, 
I do believe =)
Next, I will add a single word.  
Sometimes it is vintage text...sometimes not.
But, one simple word is all that is needed.
This one rings true for alot of us, as we ARE the queen of our nests. 
You know, behind every good king, there is a great queen!
 I have always liked pink.  Sometimes not as much...
But, pink and blonde hair...well you get it.  
Needless to say, I've worn alot of pink in my days. 
I do like the way pink has been coming around, and it seems a great new shade of it shows up each season.
Last Thursday, I couldn't help it.  I had to stop in one of my two local antique shops.  
I hadn't been in there for a couple of weeks, so I'm so glad I did,
because this is what I found.
Two matching vintage jewelry boxes.  I can just see these sitting side by side at my vendor table, 
or at the next Art Walk.

And, when I opened them, this is what I saw inside.

Luscious, yummy, timeless pink satin with gold embossing.

Way cool!
Then, I also saw this retro Ultralite Samsonite.

Look at its gorgeous robin's egg blue interior. 
They all came home with me.....
especially since their prices were right.
Just in case you were wondering about that cute little bee inside the queen "watchfull",
you can still get a few of them from Jill.  
She has a limited supply here
but a new stock of little bees is waiting in the wings until the ones I have been using are all gone.
The newbies are way more dimensional!
I think I likey.
If you likey the "watchfulls", you can let me know here or email me.  
(Special requests may be considered).
Each one holds a little charm, vintage rhinestone or goodie inside.
They fly out the door for $28 + $4 shipping.


steufel said...

Wow, they are so great. And I could get a hand on the newest "Belle Armoire" - not to easy in Germany - and just wanted to tell you, that I loved your article and the etched cuffs!

Daryl said...

Oh you know I need a Queen Bee ...

Narrative jewelry said...

Your new creations are so lovely Diane, beautiful idea to fill those "bezels" with your words and photos. Sooo, you love pink !

Karen said...

These are great Diane!! Hi from Canada.

Andrea said...


sharon said...

Such lovely little pocketfuls of magic!! I love them!

stregata said...

Those watchcases are wonderful, Diane! Wanted to comment yesterday - but either blogger or the internet just didn't want to do it...
LoVe those jewelry boxes you found!!!

Cindy said...

So clever and beautiful, Diane! I really adore these, and the vignettes inside are so sweet. Oh so tempted to make one my own before they are gone! :-)
I absolutely LOVE your vintage jewelry boxes...I collect the very same kind. I love putting vintages jewelry in them, especially anything with rhinestones. I don't have any pink though....and I really love that color.

Chris said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love them all! Love your jewelry box finds too. You bring us joy~~

Stephani Gorman said...

Oh, the bees are just too cute! Love the watches cases you are filling! Sweet...

Riki Schumacher said...

Love your watchfuls girl! Sooo cute. And the jewelry boxes and case, OMG. What a great find. Score! Me likey lots. Hugs, Riki

Barbara Lewis said...

These pendants are great! Love the jewelry boxes. I know my mother had one just like it! I always loved rummaging through her jewelry. I don't she liked it too much though. :-)

VS said...

Hi Friend...
I adore your lovely little watch case necklaces!!! And the vintage jewelry boxes, me likey but me also wanty. lol
You find the coolest things on your adventures. I also love the old luggage.
Have a fabulous weekend my friend & I send you 'SMILES'.

Diana said...

Me likey that soft yummy pink too!! Your cases are divine darling! and "Watchfuls" so very sweet. Your photos are perfect for the vignettes. Congratulations my friend.

Kathryn said...

Hi Diane! I'm visiting thru many layers originating from Paper Cowgirl. Love your work! Was glad to see the mention of Burton, TX. I had been trying to remember the name of the town. It's close to Brenham and Round Top, yes? Gawd! I miss Texas! Thanks for the memories!

Esther said...

vintage boxes are beautifulllllls!! and of course watches pendant..! you are the Bee?? no??

Charlene said...

I LIKEY!!!!!!!!!! These are all so cute! Did you get to go to Linda's Soire? It was this weekend wasn't it? I so wish I could have gone. I miss talking to you! It's been awhile. Soooooooo much going on. I'll try to call soon. I miss you! HUGS!

Lisa said...

You gotta go see my post today! It's bee-licious too! LOL Plus I used the same little tiny charms, found mine here locally (didn't know about Jill).
Also wanted to tell you that I LOVE the jewelry cases & you can send that suitcase over anytime you tire of it! Lisa

Anne Lorys said...

Absolutely, positively STUNNING!

Stacie said...

I love these!!! I have a question, though...I have been thinking of doing some pendants with some of my own photography and wonder about the process of resin and glass and/or any suggestions about making it to where tiny little photos can go into a clear faced pendant...I don't have the foggiest notion of where to get the resin or any of that info...beautiful work as always and you are inspiring me to go into a bit of a new direction!!!!!

Journal Swag said...

I LOVE your "watchfuls"! Love them!