Thursday, May 14, 2009

You just never know~

I love the jewelry box I brought home from my mother-in-law's home in East Texas. It is lined with red velvet, and you can see the most beautiful patina when you open its lid. I now use it on my display table, as it is a great piece to hold a draped necklace.
Some time ago I bought a small vintage prayer book from Etsy dealer, Max and Ollie's, with thoughts of giving it as a gift. But, once I received it....well I had to keep it.
Yes, it is a show stopper.
Last weekend we continued our search for a piece of property in the country. We are looking in Fayette county, which borders part of Austin county, where I was born and lived the first 18 years of my life. I love this part of Texas. It's beautiful with an abundance of huge live oak trees and gentle rolling hills. We saw much of what I saw everyday as a child (and didn't appreciate). Except this.
The barn, yes, I saw many rusted and abandoned barns growing up. But the corn, not so much. This section of prairie outside of La Grange, is in fact, a huge cornfield. I grew up in the middle of hay meadows and cattle fields. There were a few cotton fields. During my mother and father's childhood almost all the fields not used for livestock, were planted in cotton. But, my grandfather, Rosa's husband & my Dad's father, grew sweet potatoes. The sandy soil on their property in Austin county was perfect for sweet potatoes.
"Old doors open to new opportunities"
Tomorrow, we will drive thru this country once more, passing thru Round Top, on our way to visit my daughter in San Antonio. My daughter and I had decided to celebrate Mother's Day this next weekend, as we had just seen each other at the Art Walk. I will stop in Round Top to visit with Laura Sgovio, a jewelry designer who owns a quaint jewelry store on the historical square. Her shop, SGOVIO, carries her jewelry, along with those of other Texas designer's. Laura and I ended up next to each other at the Art Walk, so we started discussing future jewelry classes, and the possibility of selling my jewelry at her shop. I will let you know how that ALL turns out!
My daughter brought my mother to Fayetteville during the Art Walk. Mom lives in New Ulm, so Melanie decided to pick her up and bring her to the show. They had the best time together. My sister and nephew also came by that afternoon.
That made me oh so happy!


Daryl said...

Oh its clear where you all get your good looks and warm smile!

Diana said...

What a great family gathering, Diane. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Melanie certainly looks like her beautiful mom. Miss you.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the stroll through Texas, a state that I've never been to! It does look beautiful. My SIL and her family lives in San Antonio. What a great picture with your Mom, sister and daughter...3 generations! Have a wonderful trip this weekend. :-)

kansasrose said...

Oh dear Diane, what a lovely post!

Your family of women is beautiful. You all share that great, warm Texas smile! :)

I hope you find that special place of Texas prairie you long for. Gorgeous photos!!!

Love, Jen

Beth Hikes said...

barns!! Just love them.
Always appreciate reading about your heart so I left a blog award for you at Hint:)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

You have a gorgeous family, with a lot of resemblances!:)
Texas is a big, beautiful place and I would love it there.

Unknown said...

Wonderful family of beautiful, strong and creative women, no doubt. Shayne and I are also looking for a place, but we are still apprehensive to not travel full time anymore...but if we do buy, we are looking at East beautiful, and state income tax free like Texas!

A bird in the hand said...

I have a piece of an old door with that same knob. It came from Ontario farm country north of Toronto. Such simple beauty! It hangs on my wall.

Your jewelry box is a ...jewel!!

Charlene said...

TOO FUNNY! We were in the same places this past week. We took our French neighbors to see Washington County, Independence, Brenham, Round Top, Burton, Shinner, & Fredericksburg. We did the tour of the Cotton Gin in Burton. So interesting. We ate at Royers Cafe in RoundTop on Thursday about 1:30 & we did go in that shop on the square. What a small world. To think we wanted to meet up since we both know & love Diana Frey & are looking for other like souls here in Texas... & we were right there together & didn't know it. Darn. We could have had a glass of wine on the porch of the Ant Street Inn. Have a great week.

Tina(Taken over by her daughter, Nicole) said...

I Love how you colored the shirts in the 2nd photo!! won my give-away!! Hope you find your place in the Country ;)

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Diane, thanks for looking at my cutie, Chester! Wow, love the country you are looking at. Does this mean you might be moving closer to Round Top?? I have decided I am going to try to come for that. Just can't pass up an invitation to antique shop! Your family pics are fabuloso! Miss you.

mary ann said...

hey there Cute One! look at all you've been cookin' up...goodness gracious. And a place in the country to boot. Sounds divine. rolling hills and big oaks. yeah, that's the good life.


Seth said...

That first photo is a work of art itself!

Diane said...

what a delightful and close family.
I love those shots of the prayer book and that amazing barn. Such a warm story you have woven. Enjoy your weekend!

Susan Tuttle said...

Such beautiful country! Congratulations on your blog being featured in AB -- that's fabulous!:)

Anita said...

Looks to me like the searching is half the fun!

Abby Lanes said...

This is incredible. My husband thinks he would enjoy living in Austin. Your photos are amazing!

Meg Wolff said...

Reading your post made me miss old barns, summers gone by and my own Mom.

I really like the photo and the saying "Old doors open to new possibilities".