Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re-worked, Sgovio and San Antonio

I am a perfectionist. I will finish a piece, and sometimes go back and re-work it. I often believe less is more, but decided this piece needed more. So out came a couple strands of 4-5 mm peacock freshwater pearls I bought last October at the International Gem Show. I restrung and added them on the top half of the necklace, above the s-hooks, to make it double stranded. The pearls are so delicate, and the colors were a perfect match to the bronze ones I had used in the necklace.
You might remember this piece began with a etched house I made in Stephanie Lee's class while in California. I brought it home, and added the glass egg I had bought from Ellen, probably two months ago. I will stash away my finds, waiting for the right time to use them. This was that time. The tricky part is remembering what I have stashed away!
While in California, our field trip to Kit Kraft on Saturday morning was amazing. I have got to say this was one of the highlights of my trip. Carol said she had been going to this shop since her childhood. That is quite a testimony to what is inside. The bar-chain I used in "Nesting", was purchased there! It has a gorgeous vintage patina, which is hard to find. I wish I had bought more of it.
Round Top, Texas This historical building stands along side several others on the square in Round Top. I like the look of the split rail fence. There are many like these in and around the area.
We ate lunch at Royers. A true Texas landmark. Even their website is something to see.

As mentioned on my previous post, I specifically went thru Round Top to meet with Laura Sgovio. She's the owner of a shop in downtown Round Top, called Sgovio. It is the two story store in the middle of this photo. Her shop is downstairs, with her office and workspace upstairs. I fell in love with it all, especially the workspace upstairs!
She is so gracious, and full of marketing ideas, with years of business savvy to her credit. I look forward to the opportunity to sell my pieces there. It is a real gem, and has been on the town square for many years.
This is one of her signature pieces. It is a cluster of faceted gemstones, freshwater pearls, crystals, coral and much more. She sold several at the Fayetteville Art Walk. Laura has quite a customer following, as I watched so many stop in her booth that weekend.
Then, we were off to San Antonio to visit my daughter.
We had the best time together. We laughed, sang, shopped and ate!
Thank you Mel, for a wonderful belated Mother's Day!


Cindy said...

What a beautiful post...from the new, reworked necklace to the wonderful picture with your daughter (you two look so much alike!). My Mom happens to be in TX this week for a conference...just seeing your pictures from Round Top makes me want to visit too. Congrats on your new venture selling in this shop. Your "Nesting" necklace is scrumptious. :-)

Dale said...

i also have the tendancy to stow away little pieces to be used in the future. I have a wealth of found objects i had to leave behind with my last move, but i am slowly building up my collection again here! I find i often make little pieces that will be part of a greater whole and set them aside until their day comes. On days when i'm not feeling inspired, just sifting through these findings and pieces always get my brain a ticking.

Tina(Taken over by her daughter, Nicole) said...

Love the necklace!! I have not been to Round Top in about 3 years, we used to ride the Harleys there to Royers and the other little eatery for day that area for the hills and backroads..

Good luck on the venture!

Meg Wolff said...

You do a great job working & reworking your unique pieces.

The fences and buildings are so quaint & so Texas, or what I might picture (never having been there!).

Beautiful mother and daughter photo. I had breakfast out today with my daughter. :-)

Beth Hikes said...

more pearls! what a scrumptious addition to your necklace. And the piece at Sgovio is an eyecatcher :)

Deborah Truesdell said...

I love what you are doing with this piece, the pearls are a gorgeous color. What a great picture of you and your daughter!!


Abby Lanes said...

Wow, your photos are AMAZING! I love the nostlgia of this entry!

A bird in the hand said...

The pearls are just gorgeous, and so is the necklace! Well, both necklaces... Love that photo of you and your daughter. Precious!

Charlene said...

Oh Diane, I was wrong when I told you I went in that shop in Round Top. It was a different one I went into. Now I need to go back & check this out! And of course, eat another piece of peach pie at Royers!