Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's my sister's birthday

Today is my older sister Debbie's birthday! This is a picture of my older and younger sister behind my grandparent's house. This was the home of Adolph and Josie. Josie's on the right side of my blog banner. They raised a large garden, had large white (ornery) geese, and alot of chickens (as you see in the photo) to help feed their large family. My mother was number nine of thirteen children.
I loved to hunt chicken eggs. But, I was always a little scared of chicken snakes. My grandfather had built a double stack of chicken coups where the hens would lay their eggs. You may be able to see them way back in the right corner of the picture. The wheelbarrow my sisters are sitting in carried alot of firewood in its days. I remember my grandfather chopping alot of cedar fire wood. I don't know where I was when this picture was taken. Probably helping my granny water flowers. I loved that.

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Daryl said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie albeit belatedly!