Tuesday, February 10, 2009

package with heart

I believe I actually like to send packages more than receive them! But, you've got to know, I've been tested on this the past two weeks.

I have been working on new jewelry designs, and have made another felted heart!
I decided I needed a matching pair. Now I have two hearts! And, this week's theme on Shades of Inspiration are Hearts, of course!
Sometimes I wish I had more than one. One that could not be broken. One that couldn't be hurt. I must admit I have a tender trusting heart. I see only the good in people. I want to believe that their intentions are pure. But, in reality, that is not always true.

"Sister's Too"
This piece is part of my sister's series of necklaces.
I started with an original soldered charm, which holds a scanned cabinet card taken from my stash of family photos. I added a bit of stamping and paint to the photo before soldering. It dangles freely from a brass bullet~a gift fom my dear husband. I've soldered an oxidized sterling silver finding on top of the bullet. From it dangles a hand-linked chain with a faceted Crystal Quartz bead. Using steel wire, I've wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal squaredells and rondells, Czech glass and Crystal Quartz beads. There is also a couple of Bali sterling silver findings in the mix, holding more Czech glass beads.
The curly ribbons hanging from the bullet, are vintage hand dyed Italian ribbon I bought at the International Quilt Festival last October. It is a mix of soft peach, acid green, and a soft blue. I've added a piece of steel blue cotton lace on the bullet top, and in the ribbon dangle. But, my most favorite piece in the necklace, is the vintage rhinestone clasp. I bought it online from Etsy seller, Cluttered Mind. Valentine's Day is just around the corner!


Laura Venosa Verbena said...

Diane I love your style xoxoxo Laura

Daryl said...

Still keeping the faith here ... I love those little felt hearts .... and the sisters series is exquisite

kansasrose said...

YOu are amazing! I'm your devoted fan and LOVE what you do. The hearts and sisters are brilliant. I'm sorry you've had your heart bruised. I'm so excited about you know what!!!! : :)

A bird in the hand said...

The vintage rhinestone clasp is my favorite too...
I love the little felted hearts, and......I must say, what a splendid looking package!!!!!!!!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

That necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS! i love the way you mix different things together and make it all work so well.

Diana said...

Ooh la la....love your new pieces! What a wonderful tribute to sisters! And the felted hearts are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing if you incorporate them into your jewelry somehow.

Seth said...

That package is a work of art on its own.