Thursday, September 04, 2008

Can you relate?

These very small vintage German dollies came from Carmi. All the way from Kleinburg, Ontorio, Canada. I am so excited to use them in some of my jewelry pieces I will be working on this weekend. I have seen them used in many ways, but I am thinking of something different. Because they are so small, I must be careful to not let them get lost~

...which can happen.
It happens! Really!
As happened with this piece that I didn't finish in the Jane Wynn Captured class I took at Art & Soul in May. Whew~glad I found it, and hope to finish it as well. I have alot to add and rework, and will enjoy doing it.
I will show you how it all turns out!
(Really it was in another room~but just as hidden....not lost).


Fanciful Expressions said...

Oh, I love those little dolls. I've been to Carmi's Etsy store and I'm tempted to get some for myself. I'm trying to use up what I already have but it's always so difficult to pass something up that's so neat. I may just have to give in to my self. I can be so weak:)
Looking forward to see how you use them. I'll bet it'll be pretty.


kansasrose said...

Precious dolls! Can't wait to see what you do with them! LOVE your workspace girl!!! Gorgeous! Your cool, funky, creative side is showing in these ya do this with photoshop? Love visiting here...God bless you dear Diane.

Chris said...

The dolls are are going to make me smile when I see what you create with them. And I LOVE what I can see of your workspace. The gilded fancy mirror and the pretty wallpaper. The lighting looks a bit mysterious. Like special Holy work is done here!

Thanks for sharing this bit of you. I love you lots!

Katney said...

Right now I can't find my scissors.

Thatis what I KNOW I can't find.

Sometimes the things one finds are great surprises.