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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

let me always be thankful

I have been behind in thanking (on my blog) some wonderful friends when given the following awards. You know who you are~and it is you who have blessed me. Never forget that each and every award made me smile a smile of gratitude when you gave it to me~!

Thank you Colette and Anita! You're both so very talented and it is your blogs that I LOVE.
And, fellow jewely designer, Molly. You're a wonderful new blog buddy, and it is your work that is BRILLANT.
And, thank you Sis, your sweet spirit always warms my heart. This is a beautiful award from a beautiful person.


Tonight, I am feeling like the picure on top says~

(I found this cabinet card in Second Street Antiques, and I just had to bring her home. Of course, I tweeked her in PSE6 & Picnik).

So again, THANK YOU, thank you, thank you.....and please understand if I do not forward any of these awards. ALL of my blog friends deserve them, so I send each and every one to YOU!
Thank you for thinking of me!


Anita said...

You're very welcome... and well deserving! :)

beautifullybrokenme said...

Diane - I so appreciate you! Thank you for your uplifting blog that always leaves me with a smile in my heart -

:-) Molly

Psalm 143:10