Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rain Changes Everything

Hurricane Edouard brought much needed rain to the west side of Houston this past week. Since it was a minimal hurricane for our area of the world, all I can do is rejoice in what it did for our flowers, vegetables and shrubs. The earth just seemed to cry out with joy this afternoon from the slow and steady ground soaking we have received. As you can see, we got just a little over 4 inches of liquid gold from heaven. None the less, it was more than enough to rejoice over this hot Texas day in August!
1. wet leaves in the bed of my husband's trailer 2. ground moss in my west side flower bed 3. nandina berries holding onto the rain drops 4. one happy texas rain gauge 5. squash bug on my husband's peppers 6. redbird plant drinking in the rainwater 7. husband's growing peppers 8. smiling thai basil 9. sweet basil starting to flower


Daryl said...

the basil looks yummy


Fanciful Expressions said...

We could use a little rain here in Kentucky. Our grass is crunchy:)


kansasrose said...

OH I rejoice with ya girl! We had a flood warning yesterday! 3 inches of blessed rains and today it is 30 degrees cooler. I have the windows OPEN! Your description of the Lord's gifts are so straight on. The plants look yummy! My laundry got caught in the downpour on the line, now it is so soft. hugs

Carmi Cimicata said...

Thats so funny...I visited you this morning!