Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mosey 'n Me

Am I the only one who has never watched Trading Spaces? And Frank Bielec? I had at some time ago heard or read about a man who lived in Katy who was part of a home re-decorating show. I went downtown, there to restock some jewelry in Dovetail, and had stepped across the street to 2nd Street Antiques. It is a really nice antique store, and I always come home with something. Just near the front of the store, I came to a booth that cried out my name. Chocked full of colorful & primitive pieces of art and home decor. I stepped back up front, "Who is this Mosey 'n Me?", I asked. "He is Frank Bielec, from Trading Spaces." I walked back to the booth, looking and searching for something I could afford. He had quite a few wonderful primitive-style paintings; both hanging and piled in a thickly painted primitive wooden box.

I loved this girl picture.

I did pick up these two small prints. I believe they will travel with me to my office in downtown Houston. They make me happy.
And, just in case you are in Katy this week, in celebration of a now Texas Tradition of Tax Free Weekend in August, I am having a Tax Free Week Sale at Dovetail~


Daryl said...

I love your choices .. I am guessing the girl was too pricey or you'd have bought it .. I would too .. I love that sort of stuff ... we must go shopping together ... must.


Chris said...

Diane, I LOVE these little prints. And Frank is one of my favorite designers. He has a really big heart~~~and really cares about what the homeowner thinks.

Have a blessed week!

A bird in the hand said...

I watched the original shows, and then it all went awry when the hostess disappeared. She's back now, but I don't watch anymore. Frank was/is a sweetie.