Tuesday, August 26, 2008

antique metal rocking horse

"can i have the horsie in the window?"
Daryl, once again, has inspired me to stretch myself with my photography. Thanks Daryl! She had posted a picture she submitted to a group called Paintbox Pictures. This blog is hosted by Tom Wigley, living in Hyde, Cheshire, United Kingdom. I am now a contributing member, and am looking forward to learning so much more from using Photoshop Elements 6, which I have had since Christmas (thanks again to my dh).
Above is my first submitted picture, which was taken in an antique shop in Uvalde last Sunday. It was the first metal rocking horse I had ever seen. I loved it, so I had to snap a quick photo of it before I left. I hope to use it in both a mixed media art project, AND in a piece of jewelry.


Daryl said...

Love it .. so glad you joined and we can learn PSE6 together .. I had PSE4 and barely tried to figure it out .. then I saw Dianne's or maybe it was Mary's (The Teach)anyway they inspired me to upgrade and figure it out .. so cool to have examples with step by step how-to ..


HappyDayArt! said...

Thanks for your comment Diane! I am enjoying your photos and hope you like the hungarian dish when he makes it.

Yes! It swivels. I know, I am so going to use some of those myself because then if you have a 2 sided charm, it can decide which side it lays. Magic!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

It's good to stretch your wings! You are really flying with the photography. keep up the great work!

Fanciful Expressions said...

Great photo! I've never seen a rocking horse like that. Keep it up.


Anita said...

I've never seen a horse quite like that, either... I love it - as you know, rust is one of my favorite things! :)