Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Earrings for Susan

Last night I made a promised pair of turquoise earrings for Susan. She is my new friend from Art & Soul. She so graciously carried a large box of my supplies to Hampton. Not only that, she took the box back home and shipped it to me. One generous soul, who I had never met before then; only thru our Art & Soul Yahoo Group. When I say artists are kind and giving, I have proof~see her blog for more pictures of her Art & Soul experience. (w/pics of us). We had two classes together, and it was two of my best classes! Thanks again Susan~you are the best soul sister!

I have been working on a choker, using some of my new metal skills. A beginning piece, added to a string of Czech Crystals (of course!). These are a deep bronze color. The pendant can be worn both ways~ Trying to use all the findings I still have, I made these earrings as well. I love these new czech beads. I will continue to work towards building my inventory for the show I will be a part of in Katy in July.

However, this weekend will be totally dedicated to my new charm soldering project. Keep me in your prayers~


Susan Sager Brown said...

The earrings are stunning! I'm so not worthy!!!! I love the Frida canvas too! Thank you so much in advance for the lovely jewelry!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

The new jewelry is gorgeous! I love the copper, it's a beautiful color! Keep up the great work.~

Chris said...

The earrings are darling! Susan will flip when she gets these!

Susan Tuttle said...

How very gorgeous!!!

How I wish I was the 'Susan'


Dragonstar said...

Those turquoise earrings are soooo beautiful!