Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anne Grgich

My last class on Monday, at Art & Soul, was with the talented Anne Grgich. Her art fascinates me. The class, Painterly Portraits, was described as such:
Spend a day with Anne Grgich, and take home a new approach to painting and seeing. Get inspired to work more freely and have your art passion awakened by the constant creative energy of the class. Learn how to paint with coffee, beeswax, acrylics, and get the various painting surfaces of Anne Grgich’s richly painted books, you will leave with one book well on its way to being complete.
My portrait book is not finished, but this class did give me the courgage to work on a piece once I returned home. Frida has long been an artist I find quite interesting. Her self portrait pictures and her use of vibrant colors, have always have caught my attention. I found myself using her as the subject of my first attempt at a collage on canvas.
(c) 8x10 x 2"deep original mixed media on canvas
This was fun.

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Chris said...

Very interesting collage. This class seems to have made you more adventurous with your ideas...maybe the all the classes did that! How wonderful~~