Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Beginning of a Series

After returning from Art & Soul, my head has been spinning with ideas. All of the lessons learned from the talented teachers, I must say, have certainly stirred the heart of this artistic soul. I have SO many new jewerly designs waiting in the wings of my mind.
However, the weekend of Mother's Day, my daughter and I met my mother and step-father for lunch in Bellville. While there, we stopped in a wonderful antique shop, Nothing Ordinary-Antiques & Oddities, for a look around. Mind you, Melanie and I had been in one time before, and LOVED it. It is packed full of booths, holding a wide array of found antiques~objects, dishes, clothing, furnishings, books, kitchen wares, ART, and more. Upon paying, I started chatting with the beautiful Carol, who happened to be working that day. She overheard me talking about taking a Sally Jean class while in Virginia, just that weekend before. Seems that Nancy Lawrence, the owner, just might be interested in seeing my work!
Since then I have spoken to Nancy about perhaps selling my newest soldered pieces in the store. I started this week on a small cathedral charm. Needless to say, I have been searching for a theme for the first series of pieces. This morning 2 were presented to me (thank you Lord for blessing me two-fold) on my morning commute into downtown.
My first will be "Sisters". All those beautiful family pictures (starting with the sisters pictures I previously posted) will be encased in a beautiful charm. All will be original, and not reproduced (at this point). I also have plans for the necklace/chain piece to sell along side as well.
The second...stay tuned for details.
This is just a peek, and a *wink*. God is surely good.


Daryl said...

Oh how cool... and those colors will be perfect! I love the sister theme as well .. I see many new pieces of your fabulous designs in my future...


kansasrose said...

I like the sisters idea...anything you do will be gorgeous. Loveyagirl.

ps My vines are so loaded with grapes this spring...get ready for a special surprise this fall in the mail! :D

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I think you have great ideas for those old photos! They'll be perfect! I also love the colors of Mexico. Can't wait to see what you do!

Chris said...

I can't wait to see these! I love your series idea!! Gotta be patient...patient...patient...Rats!

Anonymous said...

Funny that you should post this. I found out about you through Carol at Nothing Ordinary yesterday while I was checking out and looking at the Sally Jean goodies. I made the comment that I would like to try my hand at soldering pieces and have the Sally Jean book etc. She told me your name and I "googled" you just now. Happy to find you and your blog. Will be a regular visitor here most likely....nice to make your acquaintance. artistikitty