Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mucho mosaic and mecca

These are some of the jewelry pieces I left in at the mecca hair studio in san antonio. Thank you Shawna for believing in me and my jewelry.
Wow, lookie mary ann, I finally figured out how to make a jewelry mosiac, and post it on my blog. She so graciously gave me the scoop on how she made mosiac pictures using big huge labs. She has so many cool ones on her blog, Dispatch from LA . You have to look at them. They are beautiful.
I am meeting so many kind and helpful people in this blog world.
Gotta go now~off to Tomball for an artist's meeting at The DaVinci Artists Gallery.


Anonymous said...

Diane - your mosaic is awesomely beautiful! I can't even figure out how to do it with MY OWN photos though. Do you have FLICKR? I don't. Do tell all! I absolutely ADORE the earrings. I like the smallness of them. So perfect! But now I'm interested in the pair in the top row with the silver balls that look beaded. Beautiful? Got any more of those? Oh dear. This is addicting!
Your jewelery work is really gorgeous.

kansasrose said...

Just beautiful Diane! Love the way this mosaic turned out! I ditto the first comment...your jewelry is very special and gorgeous! The silver chain necklace and heart, the red czech beads, the pearl drop earrings are my favs but all of the pieces are simply lovely! Perfect! Christmas will be here soon...have to leave a hint for Dh to visit your jewelry web site. ;) let me know when you want to do a promo spot..I have a new blog just for that called Great Goods. xxxooo