Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Message from Lima

As I do many times, today I sent out a little message sharing my newest blog posts with friends and family. (It's a good feeling when you receive a good comment or two~you know what I mean fellow bloggers!)
But to my surprise, halfway around the world, my dear friend, from 20 YEARS, sent me a message that I would like to share:
Thanks Diane! I hope your birthday was swell!
I have a gift for you & we'll celebrate when I get back.
I'm in Lima. It was an ordeal getting here for the first time ever...mistake to go via Miami. Avoid it. My luggage after 5 days has still not arrived & it's not like I can go out shopping for anything new. The people here are short & small. I am trying not to be stressed, but I have only the clothes on my back & they won't do for social events in the next few days. Please pray they'll call me from the airline tonight & have my 2 suitcases with all my possessions in them ;-))
Having said all that, I am very happy to be home again. It is cool & damp as always in the winter so I am borrowing Monica's alpaca cape to keep warm. In the mornings the city wakes up & you hear the horns tooting at each other like a conversation, the mourning doves cooing away, people, construction going
We've been having some fine vittles of can't beat the fresh fruits & veggies here..they actually taste & smell like what they are...the maid cooked asparagus soup last night & then a chicken stew with rice & yuca strips on the side.
I wish you & Allen & John & Barbara would come down sometime so you could sample all that there is the beauty here.
I am sure for the type of ocean it is, that nothing compares to the Pacific Ocean...nice to be close to it again. There is alot of new construction since last year, new stores, apartment buildings, roads being redone, great restaurants.
I feel sure you would all love it. Last night we went on some errands & walked around alot...made me think of cities like NY where you can walk around & there's all that exciting foot traffic & cars & lights & noise & smells of foods.
We have 38 people coming. Gus & Sharon arrive at midnight. Our art works are still in customs...they were supposed to be out a week ago. Maybe they'll get out in time so we can install the show...and maybe my suitcases will also arrive at just the right time.
Take care, love, Nancy
ps You have a terrific blog.

I was excited to hear from her (and sad because of her luggage situation), knowing that she had taken off less than a week ago to go to Lima, Peru. She is the Project Manager for Redbud Gallery, bringing Texas Art to the National Museum of Peru, in an exhibit called Amistad*. It is a huge undertaking she works on throughout the year (in addition to her paying job); and is one Nancy thoroughly enjoys. She lived a large part of her childhood in Lima, and still has many friends there. I know one day she will also live there. And, yes, Nancy, I would love to visit Lima and one day mabe even visit you, when once again it is your home.
So, today, please pray that Nancy gets her luggage soon~and that the Texas Art will be released out of customs~pronto! Thank you Jesus~
*I have tried to attach the program from Amistad that Nancy sent to me, but have not been successful~if you'd like for me to send the adobe file to you~please e-mail me & I will! It is 40 pages which include pictures of the art from 69 Texas artists that will be participating in this monumental exhibit.


kansasrose said...

What a wonderful post about your friend Nancy! She sounds so interesting and her art must be fabulous! Isn't it great to connect with good friends from our past? btw have been tagged for a meme on your middle name. Have a great weekend! Visit my blog soon. Love, Jen

Deb said...


I would love it if you would email me the file so I can view all the art! How exciting! But oh, your poor friend - I don't know which would be worse - having no clothes or having no artwork!



Diane said...

I don't know how to send the file to you as I do not have your e-mail address!