Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ready to Burst

The climbing antique rose on the back fence is about to be full and beautiful, filling up a large amount of our "back-side"....and when it does, it will be an awesome sight! I bought it several years ago at the Antique Rose Emporium ( The trip to the Rose Emporium is quite a treat.
Red Cascade - 1976
The description on their website says, "Imagine our surprise to discover ‘Red Cascade’ was introduced as a weeping miniature, considering we had it growing well up a 14 feet tall cedar post! It can be a very versatile rose. It always attracts attention with its fine-leaved foliage and profuse one inch, blood red blooms. When in bloom, it is simply smothered in color".
I can hardly wait!

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dawn said...

hey, sweetgirl!

you will love red cascade...i am so glad that you have her.