Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hot Tea, You & Me

One of the best times of the day, any day.... is when I can sit down after dinner and share a hot cup of tea with the one I love. Allen just loves for me to say, "Do you want a cup of hot tea?" Because, then I look into the big glass jar that holds all the bags of loose tea. He waits for me to surprise him with an interesting tea combination.
Going to Sandy's Market, off IH-10 at Dairy Ashford, is quite a treat! Besides all the organic produce to buy and take home, they have a great selection of fresh fruit & veggies at lunch and dinner - buffet style. But the real PLUS is the tea lady, who comes around with her metal tea cart, making any combination of hot tea your little heart desires. It is part of the experience; and this is where it all began. Yes, I have always liked hot tea, but not as much as I do now; and not nearly as much as NOW - having it at home......with the one I love.

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