Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Antique Festival Time

If you've been with me for any amount of time, 
you know that twice a year I trek to Warrenton and Round Top
for the semi-annual Antiques Week.
It's HUGE and several trips are in order each & every time.
Yesterday was just my first for the Fall Show, and it was a bit early.
I like to slip in there way ahead of time...
which means some of the vendors haven't yet arrived.
I am fine with that.
I always go back, and then they are there.
I don't fret about missing something.
I have decided that if I was meant to have it,
it will be there.
Whatever IT might be!
I must admit,
I had no intention of buying the vintage baby doll and compact you see above.
But, they called my name, and they came home with me.
The top drilled baroque stick pearls....
well that's another story.
I have an idea bouncing around that involves these beauties,
and I was looking for them.
 It always amazes me when I enter a booth that is stuffed full of stuff.
Yesterday, proved no different.
I always make an effort each show to visit Cathy, 
the lace lady from Oklahoma.
She has WAY more than lace in her booth, and I always make a point to visit her...
mainly for vintage lace, tulle, netting, and such.
This time I brought home one itty bitty bundle of lace,
a good group of vintage rhinestone buttons,
the crackled baby doll
and this dainty silver compact purse.
Inside was half of a ticket...
When I carried all my purchases up front to pay,
she said...."I almost kept this one for my compact collection".
Not only did this make me feel like I had picked up a winner of a piece,
but she had thoughtfully remembered it, 
mentioning she regretted parting with it.
I get that...
Each time I design a piece of jewelry,
then sell it...
it feels like I am getting rid of part of my family.

This batch of necklaces will definitely make 
me feel that way when they leave home.
  Kind of like letting your baby go...
maybe that's why this one came home with me.


Chris said...

Golly do I understand why you brought the little doll home! Something about dollies....They just call to you and remind you of past girlhoods and perhaps a simpler time. :-) Sounds like you've had fun!

Keith@ Vintage Crab Jewelry and Crafts said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those gorgeous pearls!

Carol said...

That compact is lovely. And I'm so loving its petite size. We will be in Warrenton on Saturday. It's not officially Fall for us until we go to the show. Can't wait.

Jan Thomason said...

Great post! I'm going to drive over from the other side of I-35 this next Thursday for the "fair".
I have a friend that has already set up her booth, Lori of Timeless Menagerie. I tell you this if you know of it and want to use it as a point of reference....
Can you possibly tell me how to find Cathy the lace lady from Oklahoma??

Cindy said...

It's that time again! I am visiting vicariously through your post, Diane. I would sure love to to attend this amazing antiques festival. You always find all sorts of treasures. I came home with a cracked doll this past year as well. My kids thought she looked kinda spooky, but she was so endearing with her fragile, stained linen dress. Your compact is a beauty! I have a small compact collection going myself...they are hard to resist. Your is truly special with the 1/2 ticked stub tucked inside. Thanks for sharing your adventure through your beautiful pictures!