Friday, January 11, 2013

Time Flies When I'm Having Fun

In just 4 very short weeks, I will be standing in Tucson, Arizona,
as I'll be there teaching three classes 
Art Retreat in the Desert.
Two classes are first timers for me
coming from my teaching bag of tricks.
On Friday, February 8th, I'll be teaching
 Watchful Resin Charms with a Splash of Bangles
 We'll be pouring some resin in some fun little vintage watch bezels,
that can be used in the class I will teach on Sunday,
or as fun charms for the 
bangles we will also be designing in class.
Have to tell you, these bangles can become addicting.
You can wear a heap of them all at one time, 
and you won't be able to sneak up on anyone if you do!
They are fun and quite simple to make.
On Saturday, February 9th,  
I'll be teaching my second new class,
Time to Nest

We'll be playing with vintage mother of pearl buckles, recycled sari silk, 
vintage mother of pearl buttons, and a cool watch bezel...
that you can fill to your heart's desire. 
Then on Sunday, February 10th,
I'll be sharing one of my favorite techniques in a class 
The Gilded Heart
 Lookie what you can will love it!
Here's a piece that Maria, one of my talented students,
made last October in the class I taught at The Prairie.
 BTW, Barb will be opening Spring registration
any day,
for Art Retreat at the Prairie!
Now, back to the Desert...
I do hope you can come to Tucson as Barb has a field trip to the 
Tucson Gem Show scheduled on Thursday before the classes begin.
I know I'll be on that bus!
And, today she announced that she'll have
Magnolia Pearl 
clothing at the retreat in Tucson!
She had some of Robin's latest designs at The Prairie last fall, 
and of course who can resist Magnolia Pearl?
They, themselves, are works of art.
Take a stroll online to see her beautiful clothes.
You will love them.... 
If you'd like to see where else I'll be teaching in 2013,
I now have most of them posted thru August, 
so just scroll back up to the top of my blog, 
right under the header you will see a tab that says
They are ALL listed there, and right next door you will see a tab for my  
On-line Classes.
This is where you'll see all the details posted for Artful Gathering 2013.
Yes, I will be teaching two online classes there once again this summer.
More details about which two will be revealed in a couple of months!
I have lots of things going on behind the always
 if you are on Facebook, I'd love for you to friend me,
I seem to be there a lot more these days than here!
This was a class picture taken on Sunday just before I taught my class,
On A Wing, at The Prairie!
It was a magical you guys!



brandi said... is wonderful to see that you are still here sharing and creating in the most beautiful of ways...seems to be a kind of quite hush around blogger these days...

i adore your time to nest...i hold dear to my heart the one that you day in the future when my littles are a wee bit older...i do hope to tend one of your classes but for now i can watch will a fascinated eye with all that you share...each piece is just done beautifully well and blessings to you and yours~

Unknown said...

I would love to attend your amazing classes. Just for the knowledge and fun if nothing else.

I will be there in spirit though.

Have loads of fun for me

Dortesjs said...

love your beautiful things all so gorgeous and inspiring

sandi m said...

Diane, Love your work. Since I can't travel for classes (unless you are ever in the Chicago area), can I give you a wishlist for your online classes?!

Gilding with Solder
The Gilded Heart
On A Wing
Dash of Bangles

Have fun in your travels!!

VS said...

I am so proud of you retired & made all your dreams come to life & then some. You are an inspiration & I LOVE watching you FLY!!!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Diane

I just wish I didn't live so far, far away in New Zealand on the other side of the world and I would be joining you...boohoo!

I have to wait for your Artful Gatherings in June - I couldn't see what your class would be

Now following YOU so I don't miss out on pre-ordering.

Please come over to my blog to meet me and enter my giveaway as part of Vicki's GYB party.

Shane ♥

Valentin said...

This is cool!