Saturday, September 22, 2012

Going to Tucson with Vivi Magoo just one of the new classes I'll teach next year.  This one will make it's debut in 
Tucson next February!
Yep, Vivi Magoo is headed to Tucson...during the same time of the HUGE
Gem Show
I've never been, and going on a field trip the day before the classes begin 
sounds like a whole 'lotta fun to me!  Barb has it all planned out for us here.
On Friday, 
we'll be working with resin and vintage watch bezels,
along with heavy gauge wire and a bit of fire, 
to make some really cool bangles! 

Time to Nest
 ...on Saturday, I'll teach another new class, using some fun components~mother of pearl buckles & buttons, a vintage watch case, recycled sari silk, a beautiful brass focal, and whatever other goodies you want to add to your piece.
 And, last but not least,
on Sunday....
The Gilded Heart
 One of my gilding with solder classes!  Oh, you won't want to miss this one...

Won't you join us in the desert next February? 
Barb says it is the most gorgeous time of the year to be in Arizona,
and the venue sure looks inviting...
with some really great perks! 


Anonymous said...

Wow, your jewelry is very cool! Your newest follower.

Daryl said...

gorgeous ..

Sharon said...

Diane, I am going to try like blazes to attend your Gilded Heart class...we moved to Prescott AZ not long ago, so I'm closer to Tucson than I ever have been! Hope to see you then!