Sunday, June 17, 2012

looking forward to Coronado

Time has really been flying faster than a speeding bullet for me...
as in just 4 short days I will have already landed in
Coronado, California,
getting ready to teach three days of some of my favorite classes.
I have already packed up and shipped two boxes of supplies,
sending them off with many prayers that they'll land there safely on Tuesday!
I have enjoyed much family time this past week, but have also been happily enjoying my 
first of two summer online classes which began on June 6th.  The one that's going on now, 
Heart Strings, is the one I'll be teaching on Sunday (in person),
at Art Retreat by the Beach.
This past week I designed a Heart Strings I'll be wearing this next weekend,
called "My Grandmothers".
Another thankful nod to two ladies that gave birth to my parents, 
and taught me more than they probably ever realized.
After sharing these beauties in my previous post, I knew I had to use at least one of the three beautiful rhinestone watch bezels, so indeed I did...
in my newest Heart Strings.
Oh, now this was some fun...using that wonderful picture of my grandparents as a very young couple which I shared with you, seems like eons ago.
I also decided to use a resin bezel I had of my other grandmother, Rosa,
thus giving me the name for my piece.
I used some other great vintage pieces in this necklace,
an old tiny diary key, a vintage rosary, another vintage crucifix & religious metal, a sprinkle of vintage rhinestone buttons, a heart taken from some retro earrings, some of my favorite rhinestone connectors, oxidized rhinestone crystal rondells, and some gorgeous faceted Peruvian Opals.
I really am in love with the box chain I used in this Heart Strings...wish I had more.
But, I'm sure you know how that goes.
And, of course, I added some wonderful vintage lace, trim, tulle and some of my 
current favorite colors of recycled sari silk.  Yum.
Oh yes, and one of my Tiny Etched Books,
which is currently shown in the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry~
along with step-out photos!
These are all fun elements we will be working on in Coronado,
in just one short week, as this class in on Sunday.
And, just so you know, you still have until the 20th to enroll in Heart Strings online,
even as we speak, at Artful Gathering.
Some great pieces are beginning to show up in the AG photo gallery...
Like this Heart Strings made by one of my students, Mary Royals.
What a great job Mary!

Maybe I'll see you in Coronado...or perhaps online.


one-eared pig said...

Beautiful work, as always!

Chris said...

Your lovely pictures make me wish I was in Coronado! I pray your class is smooth and happy. :-)
LOVED the etched book in Belle Armoire! Your article was great. Blessings!

Renee Troy said...

So excited, Diane. I'll be coming alone as Lisa cannot make it. Have a safe trip and I'll see you tomorrow evening.

Charlene said...

Sooooooooooooo pretty! Have fun in Coronado & if you have a chance go to a store called Vignettes. I have her blog button on my sidebar. Her store is amazing!!!! We are off to the lake with the trailer, boat & GRANDS! Only after a blown tire on the trailer & $800 in new tires... It's always something isn't it? HUGS!

Suz said...

Man alive, lady, the things that you do! One of these days you will see me, as life is starting to get back to normal. will!!!

Unknown said...

What a lovely post...and yes..time is going by in a super fast way, isn't it? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Could you email me with any pointers on how you made this site look this cool, I would appreciate it.

Lily's Lace said...

Hey pretty girl it looks wonderful! Colorado sounds wonderful compared to the 103 degrees we're having! Take care, hope to see you soon!~cindy

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Diane, I received my kit and videos today and can hardly wait to begin my Heartstrings. I don't think I can wait as long as I had thought. Just gathering my treasures made me anxious to begin. Thank you so very much.