Sunday, June 10, 2012

artful gathering and art retreat by the beach

Much of my inspiration is not premeditated, 
(I suppose inspiration always most often comes that way)
so when IT happens I still get all tingly inside & out.
Right now I am joyfully involved in my first ever online class that began 
last Wednesday at Artful Gathering.
I am beginning to answer questions, learn more about the students as they introduce themselves....all very, very exciting!
But with all that to keep me busy, yesterday I began to focus on my little trip to California, which is coming up quicker than I can imagine.
In a little less than 2 weeks, I will be teaching  three classes at 
One of which, is Heart Strings,
which is the very class going on right now at AG.
So, as I feed my students tidbits of inspiration
maybe with the latest stash of recycled sari silk I have come in the mail...
 I magically find some myself.  What a bonus....
  I had no idea when I found these gorgeous vintage rhinestone watch bezels in an Etsy dealer's shop, that I might be using them in my next Heart Strings piece.
All three of them are more than gorgeous to me, and so very missing a rhinestone baguette, and its crystal.
But, then I remembered a watch I've had tucked away since my step-mother's passing quite a few years ago.
It was the watch she always wore.  A lovely Bulova, with a sprinkle of tiny diamonds on each side of the face.
It has been safely tucked away with many other pieces of vintage jewelry I have bought.
This one is more important to me though, as it was Jewel's.
Just this last January, I had a small group of ladies come to my house to design their very own Heart Strings.
One, which has become a wonderful new friend, Bridget, used watch bezels in her Heart Strings, along with a vintage ID bracelet.  The watch bezel was from her father's watch.
I blogged about the class here, and then just a week (or so) later we got together and she had her finished necklace along to show me.
It really touched my heart.
I do hope to see a few of you (in person) in just a couple of weeks in Coronado.
The venue is gorgeous, and no doubt, Barb will have goodies for everyone.
The classes are small.
I have begun to love small classes.  
So much more intimate, 
and so much more time for talking and spending time with you....
 (goodies found at a local antique shop in downtown Katy)


karen hess jewelry said...

Those watch bezels are Swoon Worthy!! I'm taking AG Heart Strings and am loving it! I'm already finding some lovelies for my first necklace. Thanks so much for the inspiration, Diane!

Anonymous said...

Awwww, I wish I could come !!
Queen Marcy

Charlene said...

Oh I love those watches! What a great score!!!! What fun you'll have in California at the beach! Miss you!!! Charlene

Unknown said...

Beautiful watch caces! I must say I love the one that belonged to you M-I-L...i have a few of my mom's old rhinestine pieces...I think I will use a piece in my hearstrings piece...and my dad's old basketball charm...can't wait to get busy! Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration xoxo!

Jenni said...

Your photos are inspiration the watch pieces and the gorgeous sari silk. Enjoy the online course.

Daryl said...

looking forward to seeing what everyone makes

Cindy said...

What beautiful treasures, Diane. Those rhinestone watch faces you found on Etsy were a bonus! And Jewel's watch is so beautiful and extra special. Oh I wish I could be heading to Coronado's been years since I was there last. What a great location for an art retreat - everyone will truly enjoy themselves!

CraftyHope said...

Goodness, those watch bezels are really something. And the special one that belonged to your step-mother, is so touching that you still have it.