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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

more than love

In just a few days I will be traveling to the east.
All the way to the DC metro area to teach three classes at ArtBLISS.
Registration is still open online thru today!
I have been busy working on class samples, and more class proposals.
 The class I taught last Sunday in Austin, will be the same class I teach this Sunday at ArtBLISS!  Now that will be a first.
I finished the soldered charm I shared with you here
and the rest of the necklace from my "Believe" series.  
This one is called:
"I know she's in Heaven"
That is a tiny picture of my grandmother (Josie) standing in this amber colored vial.  
She is nestled amongst a sea of tiny shells given to me by a student, Angela (thank you Angela =) last weekend.
(My grandmother had a giant conch shell that she would have me lift to my ear, so I could hear the waves of the sea.  I now have that shell =)
I've soldered the top closed, attached vintage lace, 
tulle and luscious recycled sari silk ribbon.
I tied it just below the pendant that way.
I've got so much to share about last weekend and the classes I taught in Austin.
I had a wonderful group of the most fabulous ladies, and they designed some pretty incredible pieces.  But, alas...I will have to share more about that when I return.  
I will give you a glimpse of the class photo though.  I am so glad I took this picture.
Their smiling faces make me smile.
Front row:  Charlene, Charlotte, Konnie
Second row:  Pat, Rita, Sue
Back row: Cindy, Angela and Janise (my hostess)
Thank you again Janise!
Thank you all for a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and just a couple more pictures....
I just "love" it.  
One of my tiny etched books.  
It has the word "love" in vintage text on the front.
Oh, how I loved my grandmother.
Now, that really makes me smile.


Chris said...

I wish you such a blessed time instructing your new students. These pieces inspire a deep joy & honor of the past. Wonderful work, hard-working gal!

Daryl said...

Oh so close and yet still too far .. come teach a class closer to NYC so we can get a cup of coffee

Riki Schumacher said...

Sweeeeeet Diane, so dang cute. Great job! I miss my grandma too, how can we not? LY, Riki

Suz said...

I love your grandma necklace, Diane. The little shells are perfect. It brings forth all kinds of emotions for me. i would love to be able to wear both f my grandmother. You are going to see the world on this teaching gig, Next stop? I pick Italy!

Charlene said...

SO SWEET! I think a girl is blessed indeed to KNOW & LOVE her Grandmother! I always said that I wanted to be the kind of Granmother mine was... One that the children LOVE with all their heart & WANT to be with. Oh how I wished my boys had that kind of relationship/memory like we did. HUGS & BE CAREFUL COMING HOME!

I LOVE color! said...

Love this post. I quote my grandmother all the time.One quote was was "We don't have good house keepers anymore--They all died of hard work" :^) and another was "Use what you have, wear it out, make it do, or do without"!and my dear You must be one creative soul
Be Blessed to be a blessing Sandy