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Monday, October 03, 2011

i'm .....

I've found that once I return from a trip, I need a little down time.
This trip proved no different,
after traveling through seven states and back, on our way 
to and from ArtBLISS.
The name is self explanatory. 
Jeanette Blix and Cindy Wimmer have created an art retreat to remember.
If you have the opportunity to attend in 2012, start thinking about it now.
You won't regret it.
The intimate setting makes for a wonderful retreat.  And, if there ever were the perfect hostess', these two ladies definitely fit the bill.
Here's what they had waiting for me at the front desk!
How sweet is that?
Lori, =), Cindy
I finally had the opportunity to meet Cindy Wimmer face to face, 
after talking to her online for over two years.
And, meet Lori Anderson, who is the master mind behind the Bead Soup Blog Party!
I also met this round's soup partner, Kerry Bogert
who taught a couple of classes herself.
Kerry, =), Deryn
I had an opportunity set up shop next to Deryn Mentock at the Friday night's Meet and Greet, before the first round of classes that started the next day.
And, what a whirlwind it was....as I taught two classes and was in the classroom from way before 8 am to way after 9 pm. 
A long day for a short girl from Texas!  LOL.
But, as I began this post....
I am now standing on the other side, and it feels good.
Last Saturday was the seventh time I've taught my 
Etched and Layered cuff class.  
Here were the first set of cuffs waiting to be dipped into the etching bath.
Just as it was for me the first time, my students were thrilled
when their cuffs came out of the bath looking beautifully etched!
Luckily I had some help from my dh, as always; and my friend,
Ronnie~who helped keep me on task.
 I believe you'll agree, the cuffs are gorgeous!
That evening I taught the tassel part of my Heart Strings,
and had another great group of ladies.
 Adrianne and Andi kept me in stitches, 
as they built their tiny books and added the strings to their tassels.
Here is Andi's finished piece.  Layer upon layer of recycled sari silk, vintage ribbon, chains of all kinds, pearls, vintage rhinestones, mother of pearl buttons,
brass bits and numerous baubles.
I just love it!
We laughed most about the text she cut out of my vintage book of Shakespeare, 
and placed on the front of her tiny etched book. 
The next day was my largest class of the three,
Believe Soldered Pendant ... where many super stars
showed up!
What an honor and a blast to have Jeanette, Cindy and Lori,
there to spend the whole day with me.
Thanks so much ladies....for humbling me to my knees.
 Where is Jeanette?  Oh, I know...running around trying to fill every one's "needs".
She must have had a "store" in her room!
I am amazed at how the ladies spent the morning making beautiful original art to tuck inside their pendants, charms and bubbles.
Then, that very afternoon,
pick up a soldering iron and take off like they had been soldering for years!
I was impressed.
Without further ado, here are some of their beautiful soldered charms....
 Aren't they gorgeous?
Thanks to all my students who made me feel like a million bucks.
Thanks to Jeanette and Cindy for allowing me to come to the East Coast and share my passion for sharing.
 And, thank you Allen for helping all along the way.
It made getting to the other side easier than you know.....xo


Cindy said...

Diane, it was truly a highlight to finally, finally meet YOU! I really can't believe that it happened. And little did I know when we spoke that first time a few years ago that we would meet at an event that did not even exist yet. Isn't it amazing how our journeys take us to such surprising places? I'm glad that our paths have finally crossed and we met in person! I am grateful.
I had been looking forward to one day taking a class with you and your DREAMS soldered pendant class really was a dream! I joke that I was your problem student - every class has one, right? :-) You and Allen were just so patient with me til we got that tip soldering again! And what a feeling when that solder flows - so much fun!!! Thank you for teaching me a brand new medium...I am SO excited about it. There's no end to all of the things we can place between glass - it's going to be fun!! I'm going to treasure our hours together in class - you made us laugh, and you gave us confidence in our work. You have a way of making every single student feel special and capable - especially me.

Riki Schumacher said...

Great job "short girl from Texas" on a long job well done!! Wow, you and Allen got it done, and so beautifully. What lucky students to have you two for two days, and their projects are just gorgeous. Congrats to everyone. Sending lots of atta girls for all, and an "atta boy" to Allen! Your "Roadie" as my WH describes himself! Riki xoxo

Jeanette Blix Ryan said...

Diane, it was such a joy to finally meet you in person! I know it took more much more than a hop, skip and jump to get here, but let me tell ya, we were "grateful" to have Diane Cook to be one of our dream team of instructors at ArtBLISS. I think you got Cindy hooked on making soldered pendants! We hope to catch up soon with our soldering irons and make a bunch more!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh Diane,what a wonderful time!!Yesterday I read Cindys post and I wanted to cry with joy for all of you.A time full of fun memories.Even though I couldnt make it,I can still feel all the excitement thru your post.Hugs,Cat

Be sure to check out my blog today,I am having a little giveaway!!Hugs.

Chris said...

Wow! What wonderful jewelry~~And I can see in the faces of your students that they were having a wonderful jewelry experience. Wish I could have been there too. Kudos to you Diane for your successful class! And kudos to Allen~~

Daryl said...

Awesome .. I am loving those charms

Charlene said...

Welcome HOME sweet friend!!! What an adventure you had!!!! I LOVE the box of goodies you got as a Teacher Gift!!! They KNOW you... 2 little girls holding hands. I know those images will end up in a piece of MAGIC somewhere. Are you home for awhile now??? Allen was such a trooper! HUGS! Charlene

Diana said...

Kudos to you for yet another successful teaching gig. you and Allen have again touched the lives of so many with your passion for art, kindness, generosity, thoroughness, compassion and down right Texan hospitality as you welcome your students into your amazing world of jewelry art. Welcome home, my friend. Now treat yourself to a spa day!!!

Pretty Things said...

I had such wonderful time, and I really think this is something I want to persue a bit more. I hope you'll take a look at my blog (prettythingsblog.com) and see what Zack and I made with is little treasure. I couldn't have done it without you. I also treasure the necklace I from you. Thank you SO MUCH for making the day special.

Laura Twiford said...

It was so nice to meet you in person Diane. I know Allen was surprised when i walked up to him in the lobby and shook his hand as if I've known him for for years, I have, through your blog! He must have thought who is this crazy woman? I loved seeing all the cuffs that came out of the class and hope to take it with you one day or maybe even an online version if you ever decide to do that! I will be seeing you again soon as we are both in the blog book tour for PWF. Enjoy being home.

Shirley said...

I would really like to be there next year, and I hope you would be as well. Those etched cuffs are just gorgeous. Love all the sweet pendants. What a truly inspiring retreat!

Jen Crossley said...

Looks like an amazing class I love your toy boy grrrr

Maija said...

Looks like it was a fabulous event from what I've seen in your photos and others!! How nice you got to see Deryn again so soon!!!