Thursday, February 24, 2011

pulling my strings

 "Heart Strings"
Agnes Strauss
A beautiful group of ladies came to Fayetteville to design their 
Jo Ann, Rita, Charlene, Agnes, and =)
Rita busily worked on her "strings".
Charlene brought along a frozen Charlotte, added wings....
then made her into a beautiful angel.
That touched my ♥. 
This was Jo Ann's very first jewelry class.
She was so proud of the dangle she made for her thimble.
So was I!
This was Charlene's book and locket.
Nesties and etched books 
were just some of the possible attachments!
Then, just this past week I received the spring issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.
It will be available on March 1st.
 I was so honored to see my Heart Strings article inside.
The photographs were dazzling, as always.
My ♥ is once again doing the dance.  
Congratulations to the one and only master stuffsmith
who is spotlighted as the designer in this issue.
 I have been so busy preparing for Adorn Me
It takes every fiber of my being to stay focused.
Forgive me if I haven't stopped by to see what you have been doing.
It is not that I don't care.
It is just because I care so much 
for the students coming to my classes.
The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, 
but must be felt with the heart.   
~Helen Keller
(p.s. Charlene made my apron =)


Jen Crossley said...

YOur work always gives me goose bumps,so stunning.I cant wait to see in in Belle amoire jewerly when I get it finally.
Retirement agrees with your creative side.:}

stregata said...

Such a lovely post! Congratulations on being in the spring issue of BAJ - I can't wait to get mine.

steufel said...

Oh Diane, all the pieces are so pretty. I'm especially fond of the little book. Awesome. Can't wait to get my hands on the new issue of Belle Armoire.

mairedodd said...

true true true - and how wonderful that you teach a class that allows one to really create what they feel... this is beautiful and i shall be sure to get the magazine... everything looks beautiful...

Alice said...

Oh so pretty. I just love that sweet little book. Looks like you had a great class!

Barbara Lewis said...

I love seeing your students. I think teaching is the ultimate high! I completely understand your involvement in getting ready. Those are going to be some very lucky students!

Karen Larko said...

Hi Diane. Congratulations on the Belle Armoire article. I can't wait to see it. Sharon's work is featured there too. How exciting!

Margo said...

Oh Diane how exciting! I will have to go get the new edition! I love the piece posted....and it looks like the ladies are quick studies! Beautiful! Why can't you live here in AZ??? "-(

Huggs, Margo

sandi m said...

I've always admired your work ~ beautiful.
Looking forward to your story in BAJ.

Deryn Mentock said...

Congrats on the success of your class and on the BAJ article! Beautiful stuff. See you at Adorn Me!

sharon said...

This lokks like a beautiful bunch of women and their creations are gorgeous! I love th eiodea of this necklace Diane, t is brilliant!
Congrta's on the magazine article, it's beautiful!

Chris said...

Beautiful women, all joined together by you to create beloved treasures~~I'm coveting Rita's sweater, by the way! :-)
You sound so engaged and happy. I'm glad you have embarked on this new chapter. You are in the best place~~
BAJ! Way cool!!~~They even mentioned your necklace on the cover~

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,
What a beautiful blog. It looks like you are very busy. I cant wait to pick up the magazine. Nice to meet you on Linkedin.
Au Revoir,

Lisa said...

Diane, your work is so beautiful...congratulations on being published! Belle Armoire is my favorite magazine! I love your teaching style and the way you allow each person to create something personal and meaningful to them. Any type of artist could take your class and apply your techniques to their art.. you are so talented.

A bird in the hand said...

Love your apron (yes, I noticed it immediately!!), and of course the heartstrings...


Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful. I wish I was coming to Texas this year..........
The jewelry everyone created looked fantastic. Do you have any plans to teach outside of Texas? Congratulations on the article in Belle Armoire.

one-eared pig said...

I am going to have to find that magazine! I just love your work, and your classes look like so much fun!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Beautiful ladies indeed. It's coming this Sunday, you know what it is but no one else does, so the curious will have to check my blog on Sunday :) Happy weekend, T

Anonymous said...

Sure looks like you gals had a great, creative time! Looking at those photos gave me all sorts of ideas....and I must get a visor!!

Cindy said...

Diane, your class sounded like SO much fun! Just look at the smiles all around. I've been waiting to see pictures! :-) The projects look beautiful...everyone went home so very proud of their new keepsake I am sure.
I cannot wait to see the new BAJ issue!!! I'm going to go looking for it this weekend.
I'm sending you lots of luck in getting ready over the weekend for Adorn Me. I know you've been such a busy bee lately! Don't forget to take a few breaks!! :-)

The Joy of Nesting said...

Congratulations Lady Dy!!!

It's always so exciting to read your published articles!! I know I will always gleam wonderful nuggets to add to my technique stash!!! How fun it has been to witness Charlene as she blossoms with you as her mentor!! You do have that rare gift needed to be an awesome mentor!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS Have you had anyone ask you "What do you do all day, now that you have all this free time with nothing to do"??? :)My answer is I watch bonbons and eat the Soups all day!! :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Beautiful photos, I so hope to take a class with you sometime Diane. I can't wait to get a copy of Belle Armoire. <3

Charlene said...

What a fun weekend we had!!!! Your class was divine as always. I always tell everyone you are an amazing teacher. Barb (she'll be at Round Top) is sooo pumped to meet you