Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 4....a day to remember

Last Friday we had snow! Yes, we did, and a lot fell in downtown Houston! Quite a surprise, as we rarely see the white stuff this far south. But, the timing was just right, and yes indeed, we saw enough to get our hearts racing.
My daughter and I had been making plans for weeks. I was to leave for San Antonio right after work, as December 4th is the day my daughter was born 34 (fast moving) years ago! Instead I left early Saturday morning. No problem.
There was ice (a beautiful glistening result of the melted snow), but not enough to stop me from canceling our weekend plans. You see, for the last three years we have gone to the King William District Christmas Home Tour. The homes in this historic part of San Antonio are just amazing. But this year it had been canceled.
With a little google help, we found another in nearby New Braunfels.
We were blessed with the most amazing cold, sunny day. Perfect Christmas weather. It was simply gorgeous. We bundled up, took our little green map, and visited 5 homes decorated in Christmas finery.
No pictures (please) made my camera go quickly back into my purse, but since this was a driving tour, we had several opportunities to stop and take in what this great German town had to offer.
We don't really have four distinct seasons here in Texas.
But, maybe just maybe, that will be changing. Just a little. Well, maybe just this year!
On Monday I had a small suitcase sale at my daughter's office.
A few pieces came home with me, and would really fit nicely in Santa's bag or perhaps in a stocking above the fireplace?

It will come wrapped and tied with a beautiful Christmas bow.

Crystal Princess
Each of the princess necklaces I design have different components. This latest creation has oxidized sterling silver & Swarovski crystal rondells, faceted crystal quartz nuggets, brass filigree beads from Brass Bouquet, and vintage brass bar chain I brought home from California in a tiny fuchsia colored bag.
The vintage leaded glass chandelier crystal was found in Warrenton.
Ice Roses
These are some of my favorites, and one pair actually stayed in San Antonio. Thank you Lori! The faceted crystal quartz drops pair beautifully with the brass roses.

Czech Swings
The delicate tulip swings on the left have dangles taken from vintage clip earrings that were covered in a cascade of crystals and tiny Swarovski crystals rondells.
I love the aged patina of the brass trimmed rondells. $34
The tulip swings on the right have oxidized bronze wire, tiny brass spacers, and delicate
Vintaj brass dangles. $32


beautifullybrokenme said...

It is so beautiful there! New Braunfels is one of my very favorite spots in Texas.

I'm glad you had a great trip. Tell your daughter Happy Birthday for me!

:-) Molly

The Joy of Nesting said...

Oh I'm sorry but to wake up to snow would be way to much for me :) Funny thing is we don't even have any of the cold here. The days have been in the upper 70s and sun. But I know our turn is to come. Well not for snow, but they are forcasting colder weather then we had 2 years ago EEEUUUU!! And we don't have heaters in our houses!!!!

Christmas home shows are the best but there are none here. Opening your home to a bunch of strangers is just not a concept that is excepted here. Home is considered the reliquary of the family's soul. So tours would be a hard sell. It would be very disrespectful. Fuuny how many little customs each culture has.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

PS I think I hear my name being called from your shop :)The problem is making a choice, you just never create anything that's not amazingly beautiful!!!

Riki Schumacher said...'s so cold here on the Central Coast of CA it could snow! Got rain all day today. Great pictures of the cold snap. You guys should be about done with that I would think? That was one big storm. Love your pieces you posted too Diane. Big hug, Riki

Charlene said...

LOVE the photos! Bummer that King Williams canceled the tour of homes. Because of the snow? Hmmm didn't think there was that much of it. But, of course this is Texas & we do cancel school & other things at the simple mention of snow. Sure made for pretty photos though. I also love the treasures you brought home from the sale. I would love to have that first pair of earrings you showed. HUGS! Charlene

stregata said...

Seems strange to think of Texas as cold - way down south...makes me realize how much I don't know about other geographies!
Love your beautiful pieces - those earrings are fantastic!

Gena said...

Beautiful posts - love the pictures - I'm very visual and love photography, so they really appeal to me! happy belated to your daughter and ladies, "keep warm" greetings from sunn ysouth africa. xx Gena

Daryl said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRR ... no snow here yet but its icy cold .. happy belated birthday to your lovely daughter!

Esther said...

beautiful pictures, as always!! and "magnifique" jewelry!!these earrings are a dream!! delicates, and pures!! love them a lot!

Paula In Pinetop said...

Diane ~ loving the photos.

Simply GAGA over the jewelry.

Cindy said...

Wow, Diane, you had snow!!!! I can't imagine snow in Texas (then again, I've never been to Texas!). I hope you had a wonderful time with your daughter...I'm sure you did. And so many beautiful pictures to show! Your jewelry pieces are sublime...I especially love your Crystal Princess necklace (and the photography as always...looks like some nice distressed layering there). And CONGRATS on the latest Belle Armoire snuck it in on the sidebar, but I finally got my copy yesterday and stumbled upon the article myself...what a beautiful collaboration!

Diana said...

Well you certainly did have a touch of a "white christmas". I so enjoyed your photos, Diane, especially like the flowers with ice on them....they would make lovely cards. Glad you and your baby girl were able to finally get together and enjoy a few days together to celebrate her birthday. Yes, the years do seem to speed on by don't they. The crystal princesses are fit for a queen actually.

Jen Crossley said...

It looks like a dream where you are wish I was there.Your jewerly is so beautiful as always

Riki Schumacher said...

Girl, haven't you gotten your gift yet? Can't wait to see what you get! Thanks for stopping by my friend, and Merry Christmas.

susanna said...

Snow in Houston! That's a cool Christmas gift from Mother Nature! :) And those necklaces and earrings are gorgeous! You have a gift for designing jewelry. I love how you incorporated the vintage chandelier crystals into the necklace. Very creative! A friend of mine bought a box of vintage chandelier crystals at a vintage shop over the summer. She gave me a few to incorporate into an encaustic painting. Anyway, YOUR jewelry is really beautiful and a lucky person will be receiving one of her own tomorrow morning. Lucky girl!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

laura venosa dellaporta said...

what beautiful pictures & jewelry I love your jewelry where do you purchase it? I do wish I lived closer I would love to take your class,,, maybe one day. Happy New Year. xoxo laura