Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fayetteville Art Walk

This is the first year I will be showing my jewelry at the Fayetteville Art Walk. It is a juried art show held in Fayetteville, Texas. Here are the details, and a few new pieces I will have for sale.
Fayetteville Art Walk
10th Annual Art Walk
Presented by The Hightower Group & The Art Guild of Rural Texas
May 2-3, 2009
10-5 pm Saturday
10-4 pm Sunday
" Queeny"
" Nesting"

"Rustic Cuff"
I hope to see you there!


Diana said...

Good luck my friend. Your pieces are wonderful. Gotta love that etching!!!
Ta Ta

beautifullybrokenme said...

Wow Diane - what stunning results! I love how you took the "parts" you made in Stephanie Lee's class & infused your unique style into them. The buyers at the Fayetteville Art Walk will be so fortunate to take home a piece of your beautiful artwork.

:-) Molly

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Diane, Fayetteville was one of the first towns we started doing antique shows at. Love this town and almost considered finding a weekend place here. While at this past show, we ate a cafe here (the name slips me right now) had really great food. Hope you do well, pretty jewelry too.

Stephanie Lee said...

Good luck at your show! People will love what you are offering! Yes, they will likey! :)

Daryl said...

LOVE these ... Back from holiday, trying to catch up ...

Deborah Truesdell said...


Good luck at the show! Love your new pieces and it looks like you had a blast at Carol's! Love that Stephanie Lee influence in your work.


Cindy said...

I bet you're super busy right now getting ready for your big show in 3 days!! I sure wish I could stroll by and see your beautiful pieces in person! Good luck with the preparations.

Charlene said...

The show looks wonderful. I listed you on my blog list. Hope you get some new folks to visit you. I am so excited about us meeting. Maybe we can get Diana to come see us!

Stephani Gorman said...

Diane~ Your jewelry is so beautiful! Hope your sale goes well! Hugs, Stephani

Riki Schumacher said...

Diane, best of luck for the show. Please let me know how it went for you. I'll bet they will love everything! As Steph says, they will likey!! Take care, Riki