Thursday, October 09, 2008

warrenton 2008~part one

Each Spring and Fall Melanie & I make our now annual trip to the Warrenton Antique Festival. This show has become a tradition for us, and is our two favorite highlights of the year. Where else but Texas can you walk thru fields, lined with booths, loaded with everything from stuffed grizzly bear to crystal chandeliers.

When we arrived, and stepped out of the car, we felt like two kids in a candy shop. We never know exactly where to start.
We took away more photos than purchases on this day~which is hard to believe. I snapped so many pictures, I had to tell myself to stop; as there was a photo op at every booth. I didn't want to miss a thing, but wait, I need to snap a picture here....and here. Mom, look at that old rusty bicycle tire used as a Christmas wreath. And how about the dragonflies made out of old rusty oil cans. How clever!

There was a soft breeze blowing gently thru the trees, as Melanie and I slowly wound our way thru hundreds and hundreds of booths. Old paint worn windows pulled at us as we passed, now repurposed into mini hot houses. This one came complete with a vintage tricycle and Christmas tree inside.
If nothing more, we come to this festival just to see what people have thought up next. Decorations and collections made out of things I would never have dreamed of using OR collecting.

Once more I have proof that pigs do fly.
Do you think ET could phone home on this old black beauty?

And, Charilie Brown will show up in places you least expect!
Colorful vintage locks hung from fenceposts.

Time worn pieces of lace were quickly snatched up and brought home. Especially when a mother of pearl buckle was still attached.
Hand carved statues looking as if they were taking a nap.

Signs with catchy sayings that were almost passed by, but caught at the last minute.
Plenty of nautical pieces hanging around, waiting to be brought home.

And, don't forget about the bird houses. So many colors shapes and sizes, who could possibly choose just one?

And, if you play your cards right, you may just leave with a little money left in your purse.
This old cash register reminded me of the one that sat behind the counter in Weige's Store, in New Ulm (located not far from Warrenton), when I kid.
I always wanted to push one of those big buttons, turn the crank, and hear the bell ring!
It's good to go home.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time at the festival!
Lots of cool things to look at, and it really is good to go home!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun! I'm going to have to go for sure next year!

Anita said...

So many wonderful things!
Looks sort of like a flea market... I've never been to one, but I've seen them on TV... Hopefully someday I will! (one more bad thing about living in the boonies... lol)

beautifullybrokenme said...

What an awesome trip! We were never able to make it to this or to the Round Top antique fair (Are they the same one? I can't remember!) when we were living in TX, although I would have loved to go.

Your pictures are great, and tell the story so very well -

:-) Molly

Daryl said...

Oh I love that little greenhouse I know I would have taken a gazillion shots too .. thanks for sharing it was almost as good as being with you two .. love the photo Mel took!


Susan Tuttle said...

How fun! -- you lucky duck! I have wanted to attend this fair ever since I saw it on Chris Brown's blog.


david mcmahon said...

Thank you for sharing those treasures! said...

My kind of festival: taking home antiques, photos and memories!!

Sandi McBride said...

I nearly ran out the door to get in the truck and go to the junk store to buy those old windows we saw there the other day...I've got a greenhouse in mind for them thanks to your post! Thanks so much for the lovely treasure trove you just shared with your readers...and congratulations on Post of the Day from David

kansasrose said...

Girl I DIG that black phone! I got to get down to south Texas for this before I am pushin' up daisies. Home is indeed very sweet. Thanks for sharing your fun adventures hon.

Love you, Jen

Meg Wolff said...

I came over from David's. I love spending a day like that! Love the hot houses, the Budda head and the mermaid. I probably would not have much cash left!

Epijunky said...

What stunning pictures! And count me in as another fan of the mini greenhouse :) I would have been in heaven!

I'm so glad I visited, and congrats on POTD at David's :)

Anonymous said...

what a treasure of goodies Diane. I love that old phone! I also really like the new look of your blog (as you can tell I haven't been able to visit blogs much but winter is coming!).