Friday, June 20, 2008

Not short on color

Perhaps something a little shorter?
These Czech crystals are so amazing to me. So many colors packed into such a little bead.
I will be headed to the International Gem & Jewel Show later today to pick up a few gemstones, and other needed items. The show is here 4 times a year, and I just can't miss it.
There is always so much to see, and so little time~


Daryl said...

Oh I wish I were there ... I love things like that looking at the beads and other findings ... its like a man being in a hardware store! LOL. I cant wait to see what you find and how you use it


A bird in the hand said...

Yes, shorter is good. You know, for those of us who don't have swan-like necks! These are gorgeous!

Anita said...

Both pair are just gorgeous... as always!

Diane said...

Thank you all so much =) I am really busy preparing for my next show!

Chris said...

Very little & perfect. I'm loving all of your new work!