Saturday, February 02, 2008


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For Scent of Water Photo Swap-January 2008 Theme: Simplicity

v. to disclose or make known; to expose or bring into view; discovered: no longer concealed
Last Sunday, I ventured out into the foggy morning to snap pictures for the Scent of Water photo swap. This picture was taken across the street, where a small open field remains yet untouched by hungry home builders. This is our neighbors chain linked fence.I did not see the designer of this work of art, now in view because of the heavy misty fog, but I was sure its net would be empty until the sun burned off the dew.
Taken in Katy, Texas 1/27/08

The photo was mailed, hopefully received yesterday, to my recipient in Mississippi. Last minute I decided on the one previously posted, but had enhanced with Photoshop. Instead, I bought a nice "golden wheat" colored mat to send along. I liked the way the project turned out. I hope she likes it as well!


Chris said...

What a beautiful photo! The fog in the background is softening and the delicate web on the cold chain link all looks so beautiful, fragile, serene. Thanks for sharing your work! This is wonderful. said...

Diane, the juxtaposition of the chain link fence with the fog and then the beauty of the dew on the spider webs is really lovely.

What a great idea that you mentioned buying the lovely wheaten mat ... wish I had done that, or thought of it!

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kansasrose said...

This really is beautiful hon! The different textures and moody, quiet color. I love what you have going on spring is waiting in the wings. The wheat colored mat will set it off perfectly! I am thinking of asking the Dh for photoshop for my b-day in a few. You've inspired! xxxooo

MB Shaw said...

This is a gorgeous photo. I just love the mood you have created.

Thanks for linking up Artpub Studios. I have entered you in the contest.